Album Reviews

Trivium: What the Dead Men Say

GRAMMY-nominated band Trivium has been building a solid fan base by writing outstanding music since its beginning in 1999. Many thought they would never be able to surpass the success of 2017’s “The Sin and the […]

Album Reviews

Testament: Titans of Creation

Nearly four years have passed since Testament unleashed a studio album assault on their legions. During that time, the band tour relentlessly gaining as much mileage wise for that release. This allowed for a less […]

Album Reviews

Amon Amarth – Berserker – REVIEW

From the opening notes of Amon Amarth‘s new album “Berserker” you know you’re about to experience some incredible heavy metal. “Fafner’s Gold” starts with the gentle sullen acoustic guitar being plucked before it dives headfirst […]


M.O.D. Announces Release of ‘Ritz Hotel Presents M.O.D. The Official First Live Performance’

Legendary thrash-metal crossover band M.O.D. has announced the forthcoming release of their February 21, 1987 recorded Ritz Hotel Presents: M.O.D. The Official First Live Performance. M.O.D., which has experienced previous line-up changes, has returned to […]