Symphonic Melodic Death Metal Force AEPHANEMER Unleashes New Lyric Video for Heavy as Hell Single “Le Radeau de La Méduse”

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New Album, A Dream Of Wilderness, out November 19, 2021 via Napalm Records
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As Toulouse-based symphonic melodic death metal act AEPHANEMER readies the release of their forthcoming and thunderous full-length studio album, A Dream Of Wilderness, this Friday, November 19 via Napalm Records, the band unleashes a third and final single!
Recorded in both English and as a French bonus version, “Le Radeau de La Méduse” is a heavy power and razor-sharp death metal anthem you can’t help but headbang to as fast and heavy as you can. 
“This song is named after the famous French painting, and it tells the story of the same French historical event,” says guitarist Martin Hamiche. “For this reason, we decided to release a version of the song with French lyrics as a bonus. We hope you’ll enjoy both versions!”
Escape into another dimension of blast beasts and furious riffs, and watch the new AEPHANEMER lyric video for the English version of “Le Radeau de La Méduse”!
Watch the lyric video for “Le Radeau de La Méduse” HERE:
The lyric video for the album bonus track in French is available via the band’s Youtube channel at THIS LOCATION!
AEPHANEMER doesn’t fear boundaries. Their upcoming, third album delivers a wide metal range that represents a dark and gloomier yet no less powerful side of the band, taking you on an epic ride through otherworldly realms of blast beats, orchestral grandeur and furious riffage. Especially in this day and age of staying “true” and limited within a sound and scene, A Dream Of Wilderness is a welcome diversion and a brave record artfully blending brutally fast symphonic death and raw melodic metal into a multi-faceted epic!
Starting out as an unbelievably successful DIY ride that suddenly turned towards international acclaim, the indisputable AEPHANEMER belong to one of the most exciting melodic death metal sensations of the modern age. Fast-paced metal fronted by the guttural growls and fierce screams of extraordinary vocalist Marion Bascoul meet flickering twin leads, elements of Scandinavian death metal, Slavic traditional music and epic synths. If their latest, much-acclaimed Prokopton was a noteworthy, impressive sophomore album from one of Europe’s best up and coming melodic death metal bands yet, A Dream Of Wilderness sees the French four-piece doubling down on its songwriting skills: Faster, tighter and heavier, AEPHANEMER’s upcoming album unleashes an anthemic adventure of brutally fast riffage and epic melodies!
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The record was mixed by Dan Swanö at Unisound AB, and mastered by Mika Jussila at the Finnvox Studios.
A Dream Of Wilderness track listing:
01. Land of Hope                    
02. Antigone    
03. Of Volition 
04. Le Radeau de La Méduse    
05. Roots and Leaves    
06. Vague à l’âme         
07. Strider       
08. Panta Rhei 
09. A Dream of Wilderness       
10. Old French Song (Bonus Track)
11. Le Radeau de La Méduse (French Version – Bonus Track)
∫s will be available in North America in the following formats:
-CD Digipak
-Digital Album
-1LP Gatefold Black
-1LP Gatefold Black Die Hard Edition with album cover slipmat and patch (Napalm mailorder only, limited to 300)
1LP Gatefold Black Die Hard Edition with album cover slipmat and patch
(Napalm mailorder only, limited to 300)
Martin Hamiche – Guitars
Marion Bascoul – Vocals, Guitars
Lucie Woaye Hune – Bass
Mickaël Bonnevialle – Drums