Swedish Glam Rockers Trench Dogs Release New Single “A Little Overdressed” + Video – Watch HERE

First Single from Second Album


to be Released March 3!

”A Little Overdressed”  is a chaotic rock n’ roll number, juggling themes of vanity and an acceptance of one’s mortality. Big choruses, big drums, and a little tongue-in-cheek nod of self-awareness.

“When I die will I be a little overdressed for hell?” Only a fool would think they’d end up anywhere else.

The single is accompanied by a video that was shot at Tilt Recording Studios in Strömstad, Sweden. This is also the studio where the band has recorded both of their albums.

Shot and edited by Max Ljungberg, the video features the band appearing as musical guests on what appears to be a late night talk show, with a not-so-professional host…

Check the Video Out HERE

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The multinational band has kept up its tradition of seeking to cooperate with people outside of their home country as the album was mixed by Harry Darling (of the band Bitch Queens) at Lux studios in Switzerland, as well as being mastered by producer Al Scott in England.

‘Stockholmiana’ has all the best parts from their previous releases but still sees the band moving forward and evolving.

Martini adds, “This album as well as our new cooperation with Wild Kingdom is the band taking it up a notch and having a label like Wild Kingdom to stand with us as we do that is a great thing.”

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