Swedish Garage Rockers Grande Royale Release New Single “Utopia” + Video

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New Album

‘Welcome to Grime Town’

to be Released March 24

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Sweden’s Grande Royale are set to release their 6th studio album ‘Welcome to Grime Town March 24, 2023. Mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Death Breath, Dundertåget, Imperial State Electric, to name a few), the album is packed with Grande Royale’s signature blend of energetic Scandinavian garage rock and catchy songwriting.

The second single leading up to the new album is called ”Utopia” and is is out now on all streaming platforms together with a music video. The single sets itself apart from the rest of the album, starting off with an atmospheric and melodic arrangement of acoustic guitar and vocals before the bass, drums and electric guitars kick in with full force. All of the members in the band sing on each verse, and it’s the first song by Grande Royale that includes lyrics in Swedish.

Grande Royale’s album ‘Welcome to Grime Town’ will be released on CD, Vinyl, and all streaming platforms on the 24th of March, 2023.

The album is released on The Sign Records.

Watch the Video for “Utopia” HERE

Grande Royale is a rock’n’roll band who find their roots in the early 70’s rock scene of Detroit and the 90’s rock scene in Scandinavia, mixed up with some vintage pop. The music is straight forward rock’n’roll packed with electric guitars, melodic vocals, and thundering bass lines. Grande Royale is wild and savage rock for a new generation! 

Grande Royale’s sixth album ‘Welcome to Grime Town’ will be released in 2023 on The Sign Records. The album is the first Grande Royale recording featuring new member Calle Rydberg, replacing Andreas Jenå on guitars and vocals. The 12 electrifying tracks on ‘Welcome to Grime Town’ were mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Robert Pehrsson Humbucker).

The band’s fifth studio album ‘Carry On’ was self-produced and released in 2021. The track “Just as Bad as You” features Dregen on guest vocals. The album has a rawer approach than Grande Royale’s previous releases, with more electric guitars and an honest and direct feeling all over it. As with ‘Welcome to Grime Town’, ‘Carry On’ was mixed by Robert Pehrsson.


In 2019 the band’s fourth album ’Take It Easy’ was released. The album was produced by Ola Ersfjord, and has a more southern rock approach than the previous albums. The album holds more soul and has larger arrangements, using instruments like horns to create a big sound. The band toured a lot on the album and did gigs in Spain, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and most parts of Europe.  

In the summer of 2016, Grande Royale started to work on their third album in the Honk Palace with Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric, The Hellacopters, Entombed) as the engineer and producer. The album got the title ‘Breaking News’, and was the first album the band released on The Sign Records. The album was released in August 2017 and after its release, the band went on tour all over Europe. During the tour, the band recorded their live album ‘Captured Live’, released in 2018. 

During the band’s first year, Grande Royale recorded and released their debut album titled ‘Cygne Noir’ (2014), and the second album was released in 2015 with the title ‘No Fuss – A Piece by Resolute Men’.

At this stage, the band recorded all of their material by themselves, and also released the albums on their own. These records made it possible for the band to go out and play live shows all over Sweden, as well as in the U.K and Southern Europe. With energetic live shows, and tight performances Grande Royale raised the roof of the venues.

Stream the Single “Utopia” HERE

Welcome to Grime Town – 2023 (Digital and LP/CD)

Carry On – The Sign Records – 2021 (Digital and LP)

Saved By Rock N Roll – The Sign Records – 2019 – (Digital single / 7inch)

Take It Easy – The Sign Records – 2019 – (Digital and CD/LP)

Captured Live – The Sign Records – 2018 – (Digital and CD/LP)

Breaking News – The Sign Records – 2017 – (Digital and CD/LP)

No Fuzz – Self Released – 2015 – (Digital and LP)

Cygne Noir – Self Released – 2014 – (Digital and LP)

Grande Royale are:

Johan Häll – Drums and vocals

Samuel Georgsson – Bass and vocals

Calle Rydberg – Guitar and vocals

Gustav Wremer – Guitar and vocals

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