Sunsleep Share New Track & Video “White Tiger”

Speaking on the unique inspiration for the track and it’s accompanying visual, vocalist Devin Barrus tells us
“White Tiger was inspired by a charity project opportunity for a child who was hospitalized terminally ill. The children got to write and illustrate their own booklet and work with a band to write a piece of music to accompany their imaginative ideas within the book. Our candidate illustrated a white tiger in hers that she would see appear in her dreams. In Japanese culture the White Tiger symbolizes strength, spiritual awakening, and prosperity amidst war and trial. Much like the terminally ill child the tiger for her was a symbol of strength while her own body was at war with itself and gave her peace. We wanted our visual to accommodate this symbolism while also fitting the aesthetic and color schemes of the cover art. Something majestic and fitting to the sonic overall “vibe” of the song, simplistic yet captivating.”
Sunsleep - WhiteTiger (Official Music Video)
WATCH: Official Music Video for “White Tiger”
Sunsleep was created on January 1st of 2017. The band was originally formed as a studio writing project but after the release of their debut single, ‘Fever’, they quickly decided they wanted this to be more than that – they wanted not only to write and release these songs but the opportunities to play them live. As musicians they are looking to push the boundaries between an aggressive rock sound fused with ambient pop melodies and catchy choruses. The band has been out on a handful of cross country tours and released a full EP titled ‘I Hope to See Again With Brand New Eyes’.
Sunsleep Are:
Vocals – Devin Barrus
Guitarist – Miles Croney
Guitarist – Lance Nerio
Bassist – Dylan Woods
Drums – Mason Croney
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