SUBWAY TO SALLY Release Third Single & Official Music Video,

“Ihr kriegt uns nie” | Watch HERE!

New Album, ‘Himmelfahrt’,

Out on March 24, 2023 | Get Your Copy NOW!

German folk rock icons SUBWAY TO SALLY inspire hope with 14th studio album ‘Himmelfahrt’

With their 14th studio album, ‘Himmelfahrt’, SUBWAY TO SALLY present a new beginning and departure. The German folk rock pioneers unveil their new album on March 24th, 2023 via Napalm Records, celebrating hope and life together with their fans!

The third single from the new album, “Ihr kriegt uns nie” (You’ll never get us), underlines the album’s upbeat mood and convinces with captivating violin parts and gripping riffs. Eric Fish’s haunting voice calls for freedom, while the atmospheric music video perfectly underscores the song. Just like in the music video, the band defies all obstacles they have faced during the journey of life as they stand strong together to continue persevering onwards.

Watch the Official Music Video for “Ihr kriegt uns nie” HERE

SUBWAY TO SALLY states on their new album:

“The new album marks a turning point. ‘Himmelfahrt’ represents the ending and a new beginning at the same time. The work on the songs for ‘Himmelfahrt’ began long before Corona, shortly after the release of the last album ‘HEY!’. This album addressed a broken world, the destructive treatment of people with their own kind and the environment in which they live. As the pandemic hit the world, most of the album seemed prophetic and depressing. All the material created up to that point had to be put to the test and was disposed of as outmoded.”

“SUBWAY TO SALLY have always dealt with the dark sides of the human soul with relish. Over the years, a lot of blood has been spilled and murdered for love. But the lust for doom is an attitude that works well when a fully fueled helicopter is waiting on the roof to carry us away from the zombie apocalypse.

“For the first time in the thirty years of the band’s history, we had to ask ourselves if it wasn’t time to celebrate hope. Hope is fuel for the future, and so many songs on the new album are about departure and journey, about reaching out to others to lead them from the deepest depths into the light. However, the most current events in the world put this hope to a difficult test. This explains the downer, the bitterness that clouds hope. That’s why God had to say a word on the album, to vent this disappointment in his work.”

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[Cover Artwork: Heilemania]


‘Himmelfahrt’ Track List:

1. Was ihr wollt

2. Leinen los

3. Weit ist das Meer

4. So tief

5. Gaudens in domino

6. Gott spricht

7. Auf dem Hügel

8. Autumn

9. Eisbrecher

10. Halt

11. Ihr kriegt uns nie

12. Lasst die Himmel fall’n


Bonus Album:

1. Gott spricht (audinity remix)

2. Auf dem Hügel (acoustic version)

3. So tief (acoustic version)

4. Was ihr wollt (acoustic version)

5. Weit ist das Meer (acoustic version)

6. So Rot MMXXI

‘Himmelfahrt’ will be available in the following formats:

=> Deluxe Wooden Box (incl. 2 CD Mediabook (24 pages) incl. Bonus Album & Pendants, Flag, 4 x Postcards (2 motives), Art Print (black paper with golden foil) (limited to 500 copies worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusively

=> 2-CD Mediabook (24 pages) incl. Bonus Album & Beltbag (Leather & Buckskin, 17 x 15 x 5 cm) in a bundle (limited to 300 copies worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusively

=> Vinyl Deluxebox: 1-LP Vinyl Gatefold transparent marbled / black (incl. 12 pages Booklet, Slipmat, Record Butler) (limited to 300 copies worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusively

=> 2-CD Mediabook (24 pages) incl. Bonus Album

=> 1-LP Gatefold

=> 1-CD Jewel Case

=> Digital Album & Digital Deluxe Album

SUBWAY TO SALLY – Himmelfahrt live 2023

Presented by Metal Hammer, EMP, Sonic Seducer,

Guitar, Rockantenne &

w/ Blitz Union

13.04.23 DE – Oberhausen / Turbinenhalle

14.04.23 DE – Goslar / Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg

15.04.23 DE – Leipzig / der Anker

29.04.23 DE – Heidelberg / halle02

30.04.23 DE – Munich / Backstage Werk

05.05.23 DE – Cologne / Essigfabrik

06.05.23 DE – Erfurt / Club Central

10.05.23 DE – Frankfurt am Main / Batschkapp

11.05.23 DE – Nuremberg / HIRSCH

12.05.23 DE – Osnabrück / Hyde Park Osnabrück

13.05.23 DE – Andernach / Schlossgarten Andernach

18.05.23 DE – Hanover / Kulturzentrum Pavillon

20.10.23 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle Hamburg

21.10.23 DE – Berlin / HUXLEY’S NEUE WELT


Eric Fish – Vocals, Flutes, Bagpipe

Ally Storch – Violin

Bodenski – Hurdy Gurdy, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Simon – Acoustic Guitars, Trumsheit, Vocals

Ingo Hampf – Guitar, Lute

Simon Michael – Drums, Percussion

Sugar Ray – Bass


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