Straight from the Streets of New York City JONNIE_ROCKIT Premieres Hot, Fast and Loud Debut Single/Music Video for “You, God, the Devil and the Dead”

Today at BraveWords – Watch  HERE 
First single from The Jonnie_Rockit EP dropping May 27th
Party with Jonnie_Rockit!
April 1st at Duff’s Brooklyn (dubbed “the most famous Heavy Metal Bar in NYC”)
for the “You, God, the Devil and the Dead” Video Release Party starting 8 p.m.
168 Marcy Avenue – between South 5th and Broadway in Williamsburg – FREE!
“Hard vocals, heavy razor sharp guitars, ear-pounding drums and the giant thumping of bass licks bring it all together to make the Jonnnie_Rockit sound,” states Jonnie_Rockit. “Straight from the streets of New York City -We’re bringing it hard and heavy to the masses with our debut single ‘You, God, The Devil and The Dead.’ Hot, fast and loud!”
Now complete and armed with an arsenal of anthems, Jonnie_Rockit is ready to bust out. After the hell we’ve all been through over the last two years, Jonnie_Rockit knows people are craving music that will not only exorcise their demons; but, have fun while doing it. Playing live, Jonnie_Rockit promises taking no prisoners – leaving a wake of sweaty, spent, satisfied and cleansed souls. Hop on the rocket and hold on…cuz they’re ready to blast off!!!
About Jonnie_Rockit:
Rising up from the ashes of Panzie, one of New York City’s most popular bands, comes
Jonnie_Rockit. His hard-hitting trio’s music is heavy, in your face rock and roll combined with lyrics that tell stories of triumph, tragedy and scathing social commentary. Equal parts KISS, Rob Zombie and everything that’s heavy and gritty, their blistering blend of heavy guitar hooks, pummeling drumming and formidable bass, delivers a punch to the gut the listener won’t soon forget.
Growing up in New York City, Jonnie learned quickly, the need for strength and humor to navigate and survive the mean streets of NYC and playing guitar and writing music would also keep him out of trouble. As a founding member of Panzie, he cut his teeth and honed his guitar skills in the clubs of NYC and now, Jonnie_Rockit is ready to step out on his own. He enlisted his longtime drummer and friend, John “Servo” DeSalvo along for the ride.
Hailing from Minneapolis and after graduating from the University of Minnesota, Servo moved to New York City to join seminal machine rockers Chemlab. After stints in KMFDM, 16Volt, BILE, Daniel Ash and others; he climbed out of the midi ghetto and joined Panzie. There, Servo and Jonnie formed a friendship and musical bond lasting to this day.
After months of writing together in their basement studio in Jersey City, NJ; Jonnie and Servo knew they had something special. Wanting to stick to the “power trio” format, one more piece of the puzzle was needed- enter bassist extraordinaire Kevin Jones.
Originally from Lufkin, TX. and graduating from Austin State University with a degree in music composition; Kevin performed with many different bands, most notably Stretching Madness. Drawn to New York City, he started playing with glam-punk band J and the 9’s and alternative rockers Vajra. As fate would have it, Servo joined Vajra later and the two began their strong rhythmic foundation/partnership. This, in turn, led Servo to invite Kevin to join Panzie. Floored by his playing, both Jonnie and Servo knew Kevin was the bassist needed to finalize the trio.
Jonnie_Rockit online:
The Johnny_Rockit EP – coming May 27th