St. Demetrios Preparatory School Presents the Rock Opera “THE STORY OF PRINCESS ANNA PORPHYROGENITA”

Greek-influenced Rock Opera Experience Coming to Astoria, NY! Come join us on a thrilling, historical, cultural journey through Music, Dance, and Theater with “The Story of Princess Anna Porphyrogenita”  

Fundraiser for St. Demetrios Prep School

June 24th, Friday at 7:00 PM
June 25th, Saturday at 7:00 PM
June 26th, Sunday at 5:00 PM
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Petros G. Patrides Cultural Center
St. Demetrios Preparatory School 
30-03 30th Dr, Astoria
Astoria, NY 11102

The Porphyra Foundation is excited to share with you a wonderful production being put together with St. Demetrios Preparatory School for the Greater Astoria community. 

Set in the year 988 AD, the Heroic Age of Basil II Emperor of Byzantium, the story chronicles Basil’s sister Princess Anna Porphyrogenita and her world-rocking marriage to Grand Prince Vladimir. The show also explores Penelope Delta’s incredible world, as envisioned by the great author, of Emperor Basil II’s Byzantine Greek Macedonian Renaissance, his struggles, victories, and aspirations for his people and family. 

Our community is getting the “Off-Broadway ” experience it deserves. This Porphyra Foundation‘s show has premiered in Carnegie Hall and Off-Broadway. This is a musical in the Rock Opera genre where it features Rock Guitars and Greek ethnic instruments such as the Tzoura, the Pontian Lyra, and Greek Percussion (Daouli and Dumberleki). It features school dancers, actors, a Greek Children’s Choir, and Greek folk numbers from the school dance groups. The Greek American Folklore Society (GAFS) is also participating, and we have many more surprises in store. The show is open to all ages. 

There is also a special tribute to Electric Guitar pioneer, Epaminondas (“Epi”) Stathopoulos, of Epiphone guitar fame and the Zildjian Cymbal making family! 

Most importantly, this is a Fundraiser for St. Demetrios Preparatory School and all its wonderful music, art, and dance programs, so we urge everyone to attend and bring their family and friends. 

The show is running for a full weekend and there are three dates.
June 24th, Friday at 7:00 PM
June 25th, Saturday at 7:00 PM
June 26th, Sunday at 5:00 PM
Admission $35 

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For Physical tickets please email Billy Chrissochos at vchrissochos@gmail.comor call 917-617-0597. 

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