SINTHETIK MESSIAH Unleashes Lies, Secrets And Death: The New Album & Novel


July 8th, 2024  – “Industrial Bass” pioneer, SINTHETIK MESSIAH has just announced the release of their ambitious new project – an album & novel, Lies, Secrets And Death.

In a galaxy torn by strife, a hero rises but falls to tyranny, sparking rebellion. Amid chaos, a journalist’s death fuels uprising while another leader seeks peace. War looms between factions as a loyalist questions his cause amidst shadowy manipulation, setting the stage for a power struggle.

The music album expertly fuses industrial and drum and bass genres, creating a unique blend known as “Industrial bass.” It serves as a sonic reflection of contemporary challenges, infused with a sci-fi allure.

Lies, Secrets And Death is available on all major streaming platforms.  The companion book is available on

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