Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Jamie Rowe Returns with KALAMITY KILLS

Debuts “Sinners Welcome” 

Out Now!

Kalamity Kills debuts first single, “Sinners Welcome” (Released 9/2/22)  produced by Jamey Perrenot, who has worked with Taylor Swift, Leann Rimes, Joey Belladonna and Guardian.  

Kalamity Kills is Jamie Rowe with a revolving cast of musicians who will remain anonymous and wear masks while performing.  

Jamie Rowe shares “I strongly believe in God but am aware that God’s ‘fan club’ aren’t necessarily the most welcoming folks on the planet. ‘Sinners Welcome’ is a commentary on that. I want my music to be heard by lovers of hard rock. That’s my goal: find those who will tune into what I’m doing. If anything, maybe someone just needs to hear the riff cranked up in the car after a long day at work.”

Watch “SINNERS WELCOME” Clip Here:

About Jamie Rowe:

Jamie Rowe is best known as the vocalist for Christian hard rockers Guardian. He also has recorded many albums with Bronx-based melodic hard rock band AdrianGale. With a touring history of over 35 countries, Kalamity Kills is sure to appeal globally to those who loved his previous work, as his trademark vocals are well represented here.


“Sinners Welcome”

Released September 2, 2022


A crowdfund campaign for a full 11-song album will be launched in September along with a featured music video for Sinners Welcome.


Kalamity Kills online:


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