SILENT CIVILIAN Releases New Lyric Video for “De La Muerte”

After the December launch of the ferocious new single “My Addiction,” SILENT CIVILIAN has dropped another new single.

“‘De La Muerte’ is pretty self-explanatory in my opinion,” says Santos. “It’s a good ol’ fashioned revenge anthem. It was written about an unprovoked betrayal of trust and friendship, and the feelings that manifest after being robbed of that trust. It is essentially a song about what most people experience at some point in life, and the natural human reaction to want to seek vengeance out of hurt and, more importantly, anger. Something everyone can relate to. So yeah, it’s a revenge anthem with no apologies plain and simple.”

The band features Spineshank singer Jonny Santos, bassist Robbie Young, guitarist/vocalist Matt Bredemeier, and drummer Alex Morgan.

The band is working on its long-await third album The Reckoning, which is tentatively set for Spring 2023. The album will boast 16 songs and it was produced, mixed, and mastered by Santos and Kiel Bishoprick in Vancouver, WA, and Portland, OR over the last year. It’s also the first album from Santos and Kiel’s Black Horse Entertainment production company.

Santos recently appeared on the Life Is Peachy Mixtape Sessions podcast. Listen here.

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