Side by Side Once Again

Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul's grave marker has now been installed next to his brothers, Darrell Abbott. Photo : Brutal Planet's Brian McLean

Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul’s grave marker was officially installed yesterday, Friday, May 24, 2019 next to marker of his brother, Pantera guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott at Moore Memorial Gardens in Arlington, Texas.

Paul passed away from a heart condition on June 22, 2018 whereas his brother passed on December 8, 2004 from a tragic incident.

Unlike Darrell’s, Vinnie’s marker is now covered with a thick sheet of flexible acrylic glass for protection. At one time, Darrell’s marker was a majestic sight that left visitors in awe but is now covered with etched tributes and scribbles.

Close up of the Plexiglass protective covering on Vinnie Paul’s newly installed grave marker.
Photo : Brutal Planet’s Brian McLean
Etching on Pantera guitarist Darrell Abbott’s grave marker.
Photo : Brutal Planet’s Brian McLean

Upon releasing photographs of the official installation of Paul’s marker via Pantera social media accounts, a message was included that asked for visitors “to please be respectful when visiting the brothers’ graves.”

Arlington resident Clint Wilkinson, a Marine veteran who served in Iraq stopped by the Abbott family plot to see Vinnie’s newly installed marker, pay his respects to the brothers and to place American flags at the head of each marker.

Arlington resident and Marine veteran places American flags at the head of each grave marker for Vinnie Paul and Darrell Abbott on Saturday, May 25, 2019.
Photo : Brutal Planet’s Brian McLean

Wilkinson said from casual conversations over the years he has learned the brothers supported the troops. It’s the reason why he placed the flags.

The veteran said he feels very fortunate that he can stop by when he wants to visit and to just check on the Abbott family plot.

With the installation of Vinnie Paul’s new marker, visitors and fans who can now see that Vinnie and Darrell are once again next to each other.

Members of Arlington Boy Scout Troop 5 pay their respects to Vinnie Paul and Darrell Abbott of Pantera before placing flags at the final resting places of veterans in Moore Memorial Gardens.
Photo : Brutal Planet’s Brian McLean
The walkway leading up to the Abbott Family plot where Vinnie Paul and Darrell Abbott are buried next to each other as well as their mother, Carolyn Abbott.
Photo : Brutal Planet’s Brian McLean

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