Shinedown 7-18-19 @ USANA Ampitheater in Salt Lake City, UT

The heat of a July day could not match the intensity and swelter brought by Shinedown as they scorched USANA Ampitheater in Salt Lake City on July 18, 2019.  Touring in support of Attention Attention, Shinedown brought some pyro, some more pyro and even more pyro to help heat up the evening’s events.   

The evening started out with the UK quintet known as Broken Hands.  A young group on tour supporting their 2018 release Split In Two/Friends House.  Although they were only given a six-song set, they made the best of it and welcomed the crowd as they arrived for the show.  Up next was another band from the UK named Dinosaur Pile Up.  The trio belted out songs from their four-album catalog led by singer Mat Bigland. 

Mat Bigland of Dinosaur Pile Up

The sun was starting to set over the mountains, but it didn’t stop Badflower from also commenting on the heat of the afternoon.  Vocalist Josh Katz said pointing at the sun as he dripped with sweat: “This really sucks.”  Their set included songs primarily from their 2019 debut album OK, I’m Sick.   

Josh Katz of Badflower

The sun had set and the Amphitheater slowly quieted as the opening music began amidst a giant white canvas that adorns the front of the stage.  As the music started the curtain dropped and the always energetic frontman Brent Smith appeared with the rest of the band.  The crowd erupted in a frenzy and the show had officially begun.  The unmistakable guitar riffs of “DEVIL” filled the amphitheater played flawlessly by Zach Myers.  Shinedown was dressed in a vest with white shirts and jeans, formal attire for a rock show.  As Smith and the band continued through “DEVIL,” giant balls of flames erupted on stage.  The fire shot high enough and was intense enough that it could be felt throughout the vicinity of the stage.  The fireballs continued throughout the song choreographed with the music.  Shinedown then continued into “Diamond Eyes” with a brief introduction of the band from Smith.  “Enemies” was up next and did not disappoint.  The song has an intensity like no other and Smith doubles that intensity while performing on stage.  “MONSTERS” and “BLACK SOUL” carried the show until things slowed down with “I’ll Follow You.”  The set continued with “Unity.”  The song’s lyrics include lines like;  
“Put your hands in the air 
If you hear me out there 
I’ve been looking for you day and night 
Shine a light in the dark 
Let me see where you are 
‘Cause I’m not gonna leave you behind” 

The lyrics inspired the crowd to raise their own hands and wave their cell phones throughout the song.  The show then takes a 180-degree turn to the somber and serious song, “45.”  “Bully” continued the serious songs of the show.  A short break ensued and exited the stage area.  Shinedown then appeared on individual “mini-stages” in the seating area.  Smith started with a quick intro marking the bands almost 20-year history.  During those 20 years Shinedown has produced 14 number-one singles, and as said by Smith himself; “To be quite frank with you, we’re just getting started.”  The in-crowd mini set lasted about 20 minutes and included songs that we picked by guitarist Zach Myers.  “None of us knows what the next song is because Zach has this little game he likes to play a song that we haven’t played in 10 years,” Smith said.  The mini-set was as follows:
“I Dare You”
“Second Chance”

Brent Smith of Shinedown

Shinedown  headed back to the main stage and opened up the last set of the show with a mini version of Ottis Redding’s “Sitting On the Dock of the Bay” that led into “Simple Man” which was originally recorded by Lynyrd Skynyrd.”  “Cut the Cord,” “Get Up,” Sound of Madness” and “Brilliant” finished the intense 18 song set, almost two-hour show.  

The show ended and there wasn’t a single negative word to be heard anywhere, which is what makes Shinedown such an amazingly uplifting band.  Their inspiring lyrics along with the band’s genuine stage presence make the show worth seeing.  If you have never heard a Shinedown song you will leave purchasing their whole catalog. The ATTENTION ATTENTION tour will continue throughout the summer.  Find the date closest to you and get inspired!!!