Seven Spires – The Gods of Debauchery [REVIEW]

One of the most rewarding parts of reviewing albums is when you hear a new band for the first time and fall in love with everything that encompasses not only the sound but the character and charisma of the band. Seven Spires is one of those bands for me. I heard their debut album, Solveig, in 2017 while working at another magazine. Instantly, I started following them and could not wait for more. I would have to wait two more years for their next album, Emerald Seas. The album continued the evolution of musicians that continually strived for perfection while holding to a sound that brought them together. The band met while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, hence how the first three albums from Seven Spires could be so epic. As Emerald Seas set sail, it introduced us to the concept of the story behind the trilogy. The Gods of Debauchery culminate in the ending story of good vs. evil.  

It all starts with the ghostly introduction called “Wanderer’s Prayer,” which then transitions into the equally chilling “Gods Of Debauchery,” which encapsulates the dynamic range of the stunning Adrienne Cowan.  The diminutive vocalist is a prodigious beast behind the mic and “Gods Of Debauchery” serves as just the opening to her vocal diversity.

Things continue down the road of madness with “The Cursed Muse.” This song is one of my favorites on the album.  I love the vocal arrangements as well as the construction and placement of the orchestration.  It has a slight Fleshgod Apocalypse sound to it.

Chris Dovas skills on drums is masterful but on “Ghost Of Yesterday” his skills are notable and highlighted.  The song over all takes me back to Emerald Seas and “No Words Exchanged.” We move on to “Lightbringer,” which is probably my favorite song on the album.  Lyrically the chorus of this song is amazing:

“Goin’ down, down, down, to a heaven underground
Where two’s a party and three’s a crowd
You want it, you’ll find it if you open your mind
Time to sin ‘til you win, let your demons out!
Goin’ down, down, down where the demons hang around
Where souls are sold and the music’s loud
He’s sweet, she’s vicious, this love’s fictitious
So sin ‘til you win, let your demons out!”

“Lightbringer” makes my mind wander and wonder if there is such a place and how do I get there?  Equally in lightning is the video, when I watch it I find myself thinking it is the gothic version of the movie “Bring It On.”  I love watching Adrienne and company dancing in all black and imagining them competing against Kristen Dunst and crew.

“Echoes Of Eternity” brings out the high side of Adrienne’s voice and another chapter in the story that should not be missed. The most dramatic of song on The Gods of Debauchery is easily “Shadow On An Endless Sea.”  This song showcases the amazing skills of the up-and-coming bassists, Peter de Reyna.  He makes it seem so effortless but he contributions to the album are essential.  As the story continues to unfold we are driven through “Dare To Live” and “In Sickness, In Health,” and arrive at another favorite of mine on the album called “This God Is Dead.”  The song uses piano and has a very uplifting beginning then spirals into darkness. Even in its darkness the song has a very uplifting sound to it.  It also is a duet and features Roy Khan on vocal with Adrienne. 

“Oceans Of Time” continues the exquisite bass of Peter and probably the best and most classic guitar solos from Jack Kosto.  His work is top notch throughout The Gods of Debauchery but this solo stands out as one of my favorites.  “The Unforgotten Name” also features Jon Pyres on vocals. 

“Gods Amongst Men” and “Dreamchaser” continue the journey and bring us to the instrumental masterpiece “Through Lifetimes.”  The song has hints inspiration from both Solveig and Emerald Seas.  By the end of the song a sense of easiness falls on you as the feel the journey is coming to an end.  “Fall With Me” finishes the trilogy and has a 70’s like Carpenters feel to it but with an grand sound that only can be accomplished by Seven Spires.

After listening to The Gods of Debauchery I felt the need to go back and listen to all three albums in order and it felt like a metal version of watching the Star War trilogy.  This album is not for the faint at heart and should be listened to uninterrupted.  You will find yourself on a musical journey that takes you to the bows of hell and then safely returns you to your place of origin.  If this review has not convinced you that this album is one of the best of the year you might want to check your pulse. 

In three albums these Berklee school kids have mastered the use of symphonic music in metal, and I predict they will transform the future of metal as we know it.  Pick up The Gods of Debauchery by Seven Spires via Frontiers music on September 11, 2021 and tell them I sent you.