Seven Spires: Live At Progpower USA XXI

Seven Spires is tearing up the metal scene with hard work, persistence, and great music. The
quartet is made up of Chris Dovas on drums, who’s skill landed him a fill in job with Testament
last year on part of their tour, Peter de Reyna playing the bass like a mad man and keeping the
rhythm right, Jack Kosto on Guitar, playing six string stories during every song, and last but not
least, Adrienne Cowan, who’s voice is lighter than the brightest star one minute, and darker
than the depths of hell in a split second.
Seven Spires have adorned the coveted Prog Power Festival Stage twice since 2017. The 2022
recording was saved, and will be released as Live At Progpower USA XXI on March 17, 2023.
When you listen to Seven Spires you are not only listening to great power metal, you are
embarking on a musical journey chauffeured by the band itself. Seeing a show brings you one
step closer to feeling every fall, and the adrenaline of climbing to the highest peaks during a
single set.
The set starts off with “Wanderer’s Prayer” which is an introduction to the madness that will
soon ensue. The dark chanting and the overall ambiance of the song feels like the darkest scene
in any horror movie you have ever seen. It doesn’t take long for the madness to begin as the
“Gods of Debauchery” begins. This song includes demonic possession-like vocals from
Adrienne, and some amazing bass thumping from Peter. “Ghost Of Yesterday” starts with a
killer drum intro by Chris, and features the lighter side of Adrienne’s vocal range.

“The Cabaret Of Dreams” is the song that started it all for Seven Spires, and hearing this song live is a treat.

Jack’s story-telling guitar is superb throughout the song. The next track in the set is one of my
favorites by Seven Spires. “Succumb” showcases what is great about the band in its entirety. A
fast beat tells a story as each member flawlessly plays their part with its lyrics:
“And so I succumb to cinnamon, sweat, and rum
Laughing with stars in your eyes and your hair undone
And I pray one day our stars align
So I might hold you one more time
And succumb to cinnamon, sweat, and rum”
The Journey slows itself to let the listener catch up while Adrienne beautifully sings “In Sickness,
In Health”, and “Bury You.” Chris then shows off his skills on drums for a brief drum solo. The
plot begins to thicken with “Oceans of Time.” This track is probably one of the best songs
showcasing Peter’s bass skills. “Shadow On An Endless Sea” is up next. If a song could musically
describe a life franticly falling apart in front of you, it would be “Shadow On An Endless Sea.” As
the show continues, “Dare To Live” proves once again that Adrienne has a range that most
cannot even come close to touching. A very special moment occurs towards the end of the set
when “This God Is Dead” starts and legendary singer Roy Khan joins the band on stage. Roy and
Adrienne harmonize on stage together while a smile stretches from ear to ear on Adrienne’s
face. The epic set comes to an end with “Through Lifetimes.” The cinematically themed
instrumentals provide an ending as the virtual credits role, and the band gives thanks for an
amazing set.

As the set comes to an end, I rejoiced and marveled in the majesty that is Seven Spires. This
young band holds the future of power metal in their hands. They will guide it forward with
reverence and perseverance, keeping a genre of music we all love alive and strong with this live recording. Live At Progpower USA XXI will hit streaming services on March 17,2023 via Frontier
You can check out Seven Spires on tour with Eluveitie and Omnium Gatherum right now in the spring of 2023 in North America.