Seven Kingdoms Preparing to Enter Studio, Issue Update on Upcoming Releases

A message from Seven Kingdoms:
We wanted to issue an update on what we have planned! We start officially tracking the new release on June 2nd at the New Morrisound Studios in Tampa. The recording will happen during the entire month of June and then It will be sent off to Mastering with Jacob Hansen in July, with a TBD release date sometime in the Fall! We will be releasing the Cover, Title and Track-listing shortly after we are done with the recording.
We have made some serious changes in how we want to release Music. Let’s face a fact: The CD is a dying format. Physical Album Sales for almost every single band on earth have gone down consistently over the years, as we enjoy instant access to content online via iTunes, Spotify, Youtube and many other platforms. Because of this we have decided to embrace the future and change things up. We have 3 releases planned over the next 2-3 years. The first two are what people would call ‘EPs’, which will consist of 4-5 Songs each, and then there will be a full length album on the third release. 3 songs from each EP will make the album cut (which fans will choose). Then when the album comes out, there will be 5+ new songs added to the fan picked songs of the previous two EPs. 
Why do this? Well, having less songs in a pressing allows us to spend our resources in extra content to be released on these online platforms: Most songs will now get a Music / Lyric Video, we will have more focus on individual songs, and we can release content and give the fans what they want – “MORE” sooner, faster and better than ever before! Streaming, Video Views and Touring is the future of this industry and we need to do what it takes to do all of those more. It may not be quite the way it is now, but 3-5 years from now, that is the way it will be. It’s time to look to the future. 
After much consideration, the only way to pull this off is to return to our original model of Crowdfunding. We couldn’t strike a deal with any label that we felt would do this the way we know we could with our own fans. These next 3 releases will all be 100% Independently released ‘In House’ by Seven Kingdoms. If you remember last time, we did not offer any sort of Digital Download with the In The Walls / Decennium Kickstarters. This time, we will handle all of the Digital Aspect of this release along with Physical, so it will all be available directly from the band. Each EP will be pressed on Vinyl with a simple CD in a Jacket (hand signed and numbered, of course!). We will have LOTS of Videos, releases up on Spotify, iTunes, everything a Record Label would do, but It’s just 100% us this time with absolutely no middle man. There will be no licensing of physical product to anyone for the forseable future. 
If you want the physical record, buy it from the band. If you want the digital downloads, that also will be available directly from the band. If you want to stream any of our videos and music, that will also be available directly from the band. The more support we get, the faster the content goes out, the faster the tours get booked, the bigger the band becomes. This is the way it should be. We will announce the date for the first Kickstarter and its details in the next few months, and of course, after that is done, everything will be moved over and available on our Online Shop. 
We are very excited to share this new music and video with you. We have the biggest plans we have ever put on paper, ready to turn into reality. We have tours all over the world in the works. Please get ready to join us again, and let’s show the world what can be done!
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