SEVEN KINGDOMS Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for “The Great Goat Rodeo! defines a Goat Rodeo as a slang term for something going totally, unbelievably, disastrously wrong, and there’s nothing left to do but to sit back and watch the trainwreck.” 
Due to how the pandemic has hit the music industry, as a band, we had to make some serious changes to our release and touring schedule. We wanted to push something new a little sooner than later, and make something that is representative of the ‘Goat Rodeo’ that 2020 is. We have recorded a stand alone Single, a Short Film and also an 8 Episode Documentary for immediate release as goals are met in our Crowdfunding Campaign. ’The Great Goat Rodeo’ is a fun idea we have had for a very long time, and it’s designed to give people a little comic relief in these uncertain times. We will immediately begin work on our next EP while this rolls out. Take a look at our Campaign for more information on the Project! 
With the help of our fans, we have successfully funded our last 3 releases: In The Walls EP, Decennium, and Empty Eyes EP all through Kickstarter since we have taken on the independent route. We will be releasing the Short Film as soon as our first goal is hit, a Cover Song announced and to be recorded at our first stretch goal, then a 7” 45RPM Vinyl Pressing of ’The Great Goat Rodeo’ + the Cover Song as our final stretch goal!
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