SEPULTURA – Welcomes Chris Santos & Henrique Fogaca To This Week’s SepulQuarta

Welcomes Chris Santos & Henrique Fogaca To This Week’s SepulQuarta

** New Weekday: Saturday **

New weekday for SEPULTURA‘s Sepulquarta series! This Saturday, Brazilian metal heavyweight will welcome their guests for talks and jam sessions on Saturday, 21.00 CET / 5PM Brazilian Time.  On November 21st, American chef Chris Santos and Brazilian chef Henrique Fogaca will join the band for a live Q&A. SEPULTURA will perform a quarantine version of their song “Arise” and launch an exclusive partnership, teaming up with Talking Bollocks Podcast.

Derrick Green comments: “We are excited and very lucky to have on our next Sepuquarta two culinary titans. Brazilian chef Henrique Fogaça and American chef Chris Santos. Both successful restaurant owners and jurors for hit tv shows. We will be chatting it up with them during our Q&A. You will not want to miss our live quarantine performance of our classic song Arise and after we’ll premiere an exclusive podcast in partnership with Talking Bollocks Podcast.  All donations for this edition will go to to help in the assistance of children. Sepulquartas now happening on Saturdays make sure to check it out!”

Join this Saturday for ‘SepulQuarta’, which will start at 9 PM CET / 5PM Brazilian time and noon PST on:

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A pure and raw thrash piece on one side and a melodic yet experimental one on the other – with their catching and fascinating concept album around the number of manifestation, SEPULTURA defines their own universe where they alone are the masters, their Quadra (Portuguese for “playground”).

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Photo credit: Marcos Hermes

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