SEERD Releases Empowering “I Won’t Comply”

Set to Inspire

Featuring Father & Daughter Vocalists

When was the last time you heard of a Rock/Metal band that has a former elementary and middle school principal as its lead vocalist? When was the last time you heard of a Rock/Metal band with father and daughter vocalists? When was the last time you heard of a Rock/Metal band that formed from the staff and parents of an Armenian elementary school? Well, Central California Rock/Metal band SEERD, has all three and is now looking to make a serious dent in the rock and metal world. Vocalist Curtis Shamlin formed SEERD by recruiting all its members from Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School in the Fresno, California area. Mher Ezekian and Robert Gonzalez were both parents, Kayla Shamlin was the volleyball and soccer coach, and Curtis Shamlin was the principal/superintendent.


SEERD incorporates melodic hooks, a rollercoaster range of emotional and aggressive vocals with modern heavy industrial sounds, and just a hint of 80’s metal.

Listen to “I Won’t Comply” here:

Lead vocalist Curtis Shamlin shares, I have always been a rebel against the “Rule Makers” especially when I think the rules are ridiculous and do not benefit me or people I care about. My rebellion gave me the reputation of “Most likely to be expelled” in school. As an adult, I hear, “They let you be a Principal?” a lot. I rebelled against just about everything and everyone because I especially don’t like people telling me what to do.  My daughter (Kayla Shamlin) has many of my characteristics and rebellion against authority is at the top (Except against me, LOL). We have an amazing relationship even though we have some different views on life, we love each other no matter what. We feel that’s the way humans should act with each other.

“I Won’t Comply” has really become our motto in life. We wrote this song together to share our feelings with others even though this song means different things to us. We both agree to disagree but still love each other unconditionally. We question everything. We will always rebel against those that force their views on us or force us to do anything against our will! Our answer to them is simply, 



Curtis Shamlin – Vocals

Robert Gonzalez – Guitars/Various Instruments

Mher Ekezian (Mike EFEX) – DJ/Master of Sounds

Kayla Shamlin – Vocals. 

Curtis Shamlin blasted on to the metal scene at the end of the last millennium as the frontman for GRYP (Walden Media/ W Records, Metro One Records). Then again in 2002 with Rock/Metal band Speakers for the Dead (Magna Carta Records).

Robert Gonzalez has an extensive music career playing in many bands including Mynis, The Next Page, GRYP, Fusion Porn and several more. Robert and Curtis became friends when Robert helped to record and produce Speakers for the Dead’s demo. Robert’s band Mynis and Speakers for the Dead toured the northwest together.

Mher Ekezian came from the EDM scene where he performs as Mike EFEX (Coldharbour Recordings) and is known in the EDM industry worldwide.

Kayla Shamlin is an avid metal fan. She grew up in the music industry due to her close relationship with her father. She now gets her first chance at a taste of the stage.


SEERD music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and almost all digital distribution apps.


“I Won’t Comply”

on Flesh and Blood Records

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Curtis and Kayla Shamlin

Mher (Mike EFEX) Ekezian

Robert Gonzalez

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