Scum Scunge : Digg Threw My White Trash

An act of kindness whether small or large can change the trajectory of one’s life. Such is the case for longtime music fan, scene supporter and Arlington resident Stuart Taylor.

Taylor was gifted a guitar by his friend Darrell Abbott for Christmas 2001. The small token of friendship changed Taylor’s life.

In the time that has followed, Taylor formed a band he called Scum Scunge. The band released their first CD, Five Bucks Ain’t Worth Shit in 2003 and features Abbott on three songs. 

Since the first incarnation, the band has gone through several changes member wise but now things have leveled out.

Nearly nineteen years later and a lineup that appears to be set, Scum Scunge has released a new CD. The band’s sophomore effort is titled Digg Threw My White Trash.

The seven song release is a diverse melting pot of metal. From the opener and lead single, “Fidget” to the CD’s end track, “Unanswered,” there’s quite a sound variety. The vibe songwise changes with each of the seven tracks as the CD progresses.

“Fidget” does have a nice riff to introduce Digg Threw My White Trash but don’t get too comfortable with the heaviness. It is one of the heavier tracks on the disc. Vocalist Mike Rivarola throws the listener off with a change from aggressive to a more cleaner style that’s not anticipated.

Rivarola spews several vocal styles throughout the CD ranging from deathly to gutural to borderline grunge. The diversity of the vocals can be heard in “Abused” and “Nothing but Hate” in the front half of the CD.

Rounding out the band lineup sees Rick Y. Lee on bass and Sean Hannan behind the drum kit

A note worth mentioning is Mark Zavon of Kill Devil Hill lends his talents for a nice lead in “Abused.”

Zavon isn’t the only guest musician to appear on Digg Threw My White Trash.

Richard Allen Carpenter of Red Devil Lies provides a lead later in the disc on track six, “Evil Death Die,” Along with “Fidget,” it’s one of the heavier tracks as well. The vocals have just slight a hint of a guttural growls and screams.

At this time, the video for the lead single “Fidget” is still in the works. The live footage is complete. The more studio footage is currently in process.

Digg Threw My White Trash can be accessed on major streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Physical copies of Digg Threw My White Trash can be obtained  by reaching out to the band via social media.