Scorpions – Rock Believer (Review)

The Scorpions have been making music for 57 years now. That is feat that not many bands can say they have accomplished.  In 2022 they are set to release their 19th studio album called Rock Believer.  The album will mark their first album in over seven years.  The longest gap between studio albums for the band.  It will mark the first album with Mikkey Dee since he replaced James Kottak back in 2016.  The Scorpions have been influential to many bands over their years and are credited as pioneers of the German metal movement. Rock Believer has been in the works since early 2019.  As is the case with a lot of albums recorded during that time in 2020, everything was put on hold because of the pandemic and the album was pushed back until now. It will finally see a release on February 25, 2022.

The first song on the album is titled “Gas In The Tank” and the introduction to the song harkens back to “Can’t Live Without You” from Blackout.  As it continues sirens can be heard in the background. With the first vocals out of Klaus Meine, it is apparent that he has not lost a step since the last album. The almost 74-year-old still has pipes that rival their early albums. “Roots In My Boots” speeds the beat up and transitions into “Knock ‘Em Dead.”  The song has hints of “Don’t Believe Her from 1990’s Crazy World.  The beat is more mid-tempo and I really enjoyed the guitar work in the song.  

“Rock Believer” is up next and it has a more melodic beat and the chorus is very catchy.  It was released as a single and did very well proving that the band has what it takes to compete in today’s metal world. 

“Shining Of Your Soul” has great guitar riffs and a slower melodic beat. 

One of my favorite songs on the album is “Seventh Sun.”  It has a beat similar to the classic Scorpions track “The Zoo” and another great vocal performance by Klaus. Grooves and guitar will make this yet another classic Scorpions song. “Hot and Cold” keeps the album moving into “When I Lay My Bones To Rest,” which is another killer track. It has a fast pace and would be the perfect song for an open top road trip while the wind blows in your face. 

Peacemaker” was the first single released to promote the new album and has all the makings of a characteristic Scorpions hit. 

“Call Of The Wild” features some great drumming by Mikkey Dee as the album winds down. Everything wraps up with the ballad “When You Know (Where You Come From).” Capturing the formula of successful hits like “Winds of Change” and “Under the Same Sun” this highly emotional song brings the album to a fitting end. 

The album also features a deluxe version with an additional five songs including an acoustic version of When You Know (Where You Come From):

12.Shoot For Your Heart
13. When Tomorrow Comes
14. Unleash The Beast
15. Crossing Borders
16. When You Know (Where You Come From) (Acoustic Version)

With over a half century of making hits the Scorpions have proved yet again that they have what it takes to stay on top of their game and keep rocking multi-generationally. Those of us that grew up with earlier versions of the band will be happy hearing the familiar blueprint that we remember from our youth.  Rock Believer combines a modern sound with a universal magic that can bridge the age gap of listeners across the spectrum.  If this is your first time hearing The Scorpions you have five decades of music to catch up on.  Let this be the portal that leads you into the world of Klaus and the boys.  Pick up your copy of Rock Believer on February 25, 2022 via Spinefarm Records!