SAMMY RADIO has announced their new show, RUSH HOUR, hosted by MARK GUYVER! Created for all the RUSH fans of the world, RUSH HOUR is an hour long featured show, every Tuesday, 5pm to 6pm PST, featuring one of the most iconic bands of all time. What a way to end the work day, right? Showcasing an hour of killer studio, live, and bootleg music, the show will also include interview clips from the historic past to the present!

From the beginning of RUSH’s career, to present day, no other band has a catalog so massive and so impressive, that we will literally never run out of content. So if you love RUSH, no matter where you live in this Rock & Roll world, it’s easy to tune in to SammyRadio.Com at 5pm every Tuesday to get your drive time fix of the most loved rock band to ever hit the radio, only heard on the World Famous, Worldwide Streamed Sammy Radio! And don’t forget to download the free Sammy Radio APP, so you can hear kick ass Rock & Roll no matter where you’re at!

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