RPWL : Crime Scene

Germany’s RPWL will release their eighth studio album titled Crime Scene through their own label, Gentle Art of Music in mid March.

As with previous releases, RPWL has zeroed in on an album theme. Not only has RPWL selected a theme, the band dives deep exploring the theme, bringing to light many perspectives. 

The theme for the album Crime Scene, not so pleasant things. Words and actions such as morbid, the perverse, the evil in good and the diversity spectrum of human behavior. 

RPWL is not glorifying these things with Crime Scene, instead these disturbing abominations are being brought to light. Subjects such as Karl Denke, the cannibal from Musterberg or Carl Tanzler, the hopelessly romantic and home supervisor from Florida. 

Denke was a German serial killer and Tanzler was obsessed with a Cuban American who was a Tuberculosis patient of his.

These are just two topics that can be found in Crime Scene

With the macabre subject matter linked to Denke and Tanzler, one would think Crime Scene is a full on assault of gore. That could not be further from the truth for this art rock / progressive quartet.

The foursome was at one time early in their career a Pink Floyd cover band. The letters RPWL represented the last name of the four original members but only two now remain. That would be Yogi Lang (vocals / keyboards) and Kalle Wallner (guitars).

RWPL (L – R) Markus Grützner, Marc Turiaux, Yogi Lang, Kalle Wallner
Photo by Alexy Testov

With Crime Scene, Lang, Wallner, Markus Grützner (bass) and  Marc Turiaux (drums) set out on a highly impressive musical voyage.

The album may only consist of six tracks ranging from 4:21 to 12:51 but each track  is superb in its own right.

The opener and first single “Victim of Desire” sets the tone for the deep lyrics and music presented.

Basic research into Denke and Tanzler yields information allowing the listener to obtain a better grasp lyrically of what’s happening. This is not only true for the “Victim of Desire” but other tracks as well. 

The deeply atmospheric vibe set forth from the beginning continues for the entire 45-minute run of Crime Scene.

The morbid lyrical content and music of Crime Scene is woven gently together. This is evident with “King of the World,” the fifth but longest track on Crime Scene. It’s full of nice flowing guitar work and keyboards throughout the lengthy track.

The final track, “Another Life Beyond Control” clocking in at 7:51 sees RPWL bringing in an old school fuzz sound. This element helps the song to be the heaviest of the six tracks on Crime Scene but there’s more.

The spacey keyboards at the 5:12 mark give “Another Life Beyond Control” that extra groovy feel. It’s simply the ideal track to close out Crime Scene even with the abrupt ending.

Even though RWPL will release Crime Scene on their own label, the album will be distributed through Soulfood Music Distribution. The release will be available in CD format as well as colored vinyl via pre order or through the band’s website. 

Crime Scene is a nice change from the onslaught of heavier music being thrown at the consumer week after week. The album will be a welcome for those who want to take in all that’s offered musically and lyrical. Crime Scene will hit the streets on Friday, March 17, 2023. 

Cover art for Crime Scene