Rockborn Announce Release of “rock Me Harder” Song/video

ROCKBORN’s new single/video, “Rock Me Harder,” is set to drop on August 6th – which will serve as a preview of the group’s forthcoming brand new studio album (arriving in spring 2022). 
Comprised of members Lu Reid (vocals), John Lyell (guitar), Dino Serna (bass), and Gary Gabaldon (drums), ROCKBORN is a female-fronted heavy rock band that is intense, sexy, bluesy yet edgy with raspy, sassy power vocals performed with dynamic emotional passion.
Dark, tasty guitar riffs and funky fresh bass lines are lifted up to the stratosphere by hard-hitting, solid drum rhythms and powerful, soaring vocals. ROCKBORN creates music with heartfelt lyrics, emotional depth, melodic intricacies that have modern, contagious hard energy, down-to-earth classic grit, heavy with mystical “Zeppelinesque” romance and enduring timeless appeal.
The “Rock Me Harder” single/video sums it all up perfectly, which can be experienced here:
And to stream the new song please pre-save here:
“‘Rock Me Harder’ was born out of a couple of rough ideas between John, who had this incredibly heavy riff, and some lyrics I had been toying with for quite some time,” explains Lu. “His riff gave me a shove in the right lyrical direction. I needed the foundation and inspiration that his riffs gave me to finish the lyrics, and of course after hearing Dino and Gary throw in their ingenious licks to John’s riffs, I was able to come up with the melody lines and the phrasing needed to kick this song into gear.”
“Overall, this song is a culmination of the synchronicity of all the members of ROCKBORN. I’m very pleased with the ferocity and impactful energy that John, Dino, Gary and I gave to this very powerful female empowerment song. I hope that everyone, digs on this fantastic groove that Gary and Dino masterfully perform and also the badass riff and the brilliant lead guitar of John. Most of all I want women to know that they deserve what they want and they can have what they want. Just be bold and ask for it, like ‘Rock Me Harder’ does!”
ROCKBORN is perfectly poised to build upon the buzz created by the Michael Wagener-produced, engineered and mastered previous album, ‘Born to Rock,’ which spawned the popular video “Reasons Why I Cry,” which has received 2.25 million views on YouTube. “Rock Me Harder” most certainly delivers!
ROCKBORN – Rock Me Harder (Official Video)