RED VOX Releases New Album “Afterthoughts”

The conclusion of a journey that began with their 2022 LP Visions, indie rockers RED VOX have released the other half of what has grown into a double album – Visions and Afterthoughts’.

The New York-based group’s new full-length, ‘Afterthoughts’, is out today, and features the singles “Almost a Stranger”“Forgetter”, and “Playing By The Rules”.

Commenting on the album, the band shares:

“’Afterthoughts’ completes the fifth Red Vox LP; the double album ‘Visions and Afterthoughts’. Releasing a year after ‘Visions’, the songs range from upbeat, groove-based rock to darker and more contemplative meditations. The ten songs have a heavy synth and guitar focus and can be enjoyed on their own merits or as part of the whole.”