RAGE Announce Lineup Changes

Statement from Founding Member Peavy Wagner
German heavy metal outfit RAGE have announced the departure of guitarist Marcos Rodriguez from the group. Lead vocalist, bassist and founding member Peter “Peavy” Wagner has issued the following statement
“Hi Rageheads, this is Peavy. There are some changes coming up in the Rage Camp that I want to inform you about. Our friend and guitar player Marcos Rodríguez will not perform with Rage anymore due to personal and private reasons that make it necessary for him to move on. There are no bad feelings or arguments between us; we will continue being friends and we will surely continue making music together just a bit more ‘behind the scenes’. Life is changing constantly and so it is for us. As I want only the best for my friends, I accept his decision and wish him all the best for his future; so do all of us in the Rage Camp.
Peavy continued to offer more insights on what the future may hold for the band, stating,
“At the same time I’m planning for the future of Rage! I am thinking about upgrading the band into a four piece lineup with two guitar men at my side! My vision is to get a perfect lineup in the way Rage sounded in the 90’s. We´re working hard right now to bring Rage on that new level. Very soon we will present you the retreaded shape of the Rage Metal institution! Watch out for upcoming news and stay healthy, so we can celebrate our favourite music and songs as soon as the corona crisis is under control.”
The current RAGE album ‘Wings Of Rage’ was released January 2020 through Steamhammer/SPV as CD digipak, 2LP gatefold version, limited box set, shirt bundle, download and stream (https://RageSPV.lnk.to/WingsOfRage).
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