Queensryche January 25, 2020 House of Blues Dallas

As day one of the Chinese New Year turned to night, Venus and the crescent moon were hovering, prominently visible in the western sky. The Verdict Tour featuring Queensryche, guitar extraordinaire John 5 and Eve to Adam all prepped for their sets at the House of Blues in Dallas.

Pro-veteran and New York rockers Eve to Adam utilized their 30-minute set to warm the stage. The band who is no stranger to the rock world has experienced success over their 20-year career specifically with their 2013 Locked and Loaded release.

The band’s seven song set included the title track from the 2013 release, “Attitude,” “Day Drinking” and the familiar “Straitjacket Supermodel”.

Eve to Adam guitarist Ronny Gutierrez
Photo by Brian McLean

Most notably though, the band utilized their platform to proudly mention their involvement with the nonprofit organization 2 Vets OAM (On a Mission) and the 22 Dreams Come True campaign.

The campaign is a mission to save lives and reach those struggling with the weight of depression, PTSD and chronic conditions. Fans were invited following the band’s set to learn more about the campaign, those it seeks to reach and to meet the band.

Guitar wizard and ghoul John 5 brought his Sci Fi Halloween themed aura to the stage. The guitarist who has logged time with Marilyn Mason and David Lee Roth is currently Rob Zombie’s guitarist.

As spooky castle inflatables begin to grace the stage, there was a buzz amongst the crowd on what John 5 would bring and he brought it.

The looks of confusion prior to his set were wiped clean by the end. Bewilderment was the air as he effortlessly cruised through “I am John 5,” the humorous, versatile and impressive “Howdy,” “The Blackgrass Plague” and others.

For John 5, the show must go on even the day after a dental procedure
Photo by Brian McLean

Touring and still promoting his 2019 release Invasion, John 5 let his guitar playing do the talking. Because of his ability to make the guitar sing, vocals were not requirement for his set.

The guitarist even threw out several bars from “Limelight,” “Fly by Night,” “Beautiful People,” “Thunderkiss 65” and more. The loudest reaction though came from “I am Broken” and “Walk” as the newly baptized John 5 recruits and veterans shouted “RESPECT” “WALK”. It was one of those moments that’s truly meant for the Dallas crowd.

Late in the set, John 5 invited a young cancer survivor and fan onto the stage where he introduced the brave girl. Prior to sending her on her way through the castle fringe, he gave her a warm .hug

Evident from his mind-blowing and visually mesmerizing set, John 5 continues to carve a reputation as a stand out guitarist but most of all though, he showed compassion.

The microphone of Queensryche vocalist Todd La Torre awaits the arrival of the band
Photo by Brian McLean

With three albums under their belt with vocalist Todd La Torre, Queensryche stormed the stage with “Prophecy” following the “Launder the Conscience” introduction. The band continued with “Operation: Mindcrime” and “Walk in the Shadows.”

The Queensryche faithful followed every step and note that roared from the stage. La Torre proudly sported and displayed a “Straight Outta Texas” shirt as he belted out current and older Queensryche era songs.

Queensryche vocalist showing off his Straight Outta Texas shirt to the Dallas crowd
Photo by Brian McLean

The band pulled tracks from their latest release, The Verdict giving their set a fresh feel and not solely relying on the past. As anticipated though, “Silent Lucidity,” “Jet City Woman,” “Queen of the Reich,” “I don’t Believe in Love” and “Eyes of a Stranger” were all in the set.

Whether a rookie or part of the faithful, Queensryche delivered to all. The band was tight as expected from the Reich camp.

Even though Michael Wilton (guitar) and Eddie Jackson (bass) are the lone remaining members from the 1983 debut EP, it’s a moot point now.

With guitarist Parker Lundgren and Casey Grillo formerly of Kamelot on drums, the live performance remains solid. Nothing is missing. Queensryche still remains a live powerhouse of electrical energy.

The verdict is in with the Dallas crowd serving as jurors. Queensryche’s The Verdict tour is a must see.