Prog Rock Act Migliori Amici & Co. Release Debut Single

New York City based prog rock project, MIGLIORI AMICI & CO. have released “Glasgow Reel,” the first single from upcoming Ep, best of friends. A cover version of the Davey Arthur and the Furey’s song from 1977 (also called “Tam Linn”), Ray DeTone and Michael Sciotto of MIGLIORI AMICI & CO. kick the instrumental track into overdrive on their version. 

DeTone, who has worked with the likes of Drive, She Said, Paul Dianno’s Killers and Japanese artists such as Niya Sasaki, Yutaka Imaizumi and Himuro reached out to his friend and former Jefferson Starship and From the Fire drummer, Sciotto and the duo decided to turn tragedy into an opportunity during the COVID-19 shutdown.  They enlisted the talents of some of their closest friends, including Mark Clarke (Colosseum, Billy Squier), Nicky Moroch (Elton John, David Bowie), Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steve Wilson), Alex Salzman (Ace Frehley), the late David J Keyes (Renaissance, Willy DeVille), Dave Trupia (Marty Balin), and Ralph Merigliano (Ross The Boss) in order to put together best of friends.  “We were all stuck at home, a situation we had never really been put in before, “recalls DeTone. “We decided to create a piece of art rather than just sit around bored.”

The six song Ep, best of friends, is an instrumental prog tour de force of melodic musicianship, performed by only the best … of friends?  “Migliori Amici is Italian for ‘best of friends’,” says DeTone. “So, it was an obvious choice for the title of the record.”

Glasgow Reel” can be purchased on iTunes and streamed on Spotify.  A teaser of the song can also be found on YouTube


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