POSSESSED: Release Part Three Of “The Creation Of Death Metal” Documentary

Pre-Order Available Here: nuclearblast.com/possessed-revelations

POSSESSED revealed their first album in over 3 decades, Revelations of Oblivion, will be released on May 10th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Today, the band releases part three of their multi-part documentary series entitled “The Creation Of Death Metal“. Watch as they discuss the regional differences in the sound of death metal, here: https://youtu.be/_d9hF8j6Gkw

Watch the first three episodes here:
Part 1: The creation of “Death Metal” & POSSESSED
Part 2DEATH & the beginning of the death metal community
Part 3The regional differences in the sound of death metal

Recently, the band released their second single, “Shadowcult” with a live clip from their performance at “Live At Bloodstock Open Air 2017“. Watch the live clip for “Shadowcult”, here: https://youtu.be/BkUwVJjCyao

The band also offers fans a visualizer for the first single, “No More Room In Hell” which can be seen here: https://youtu.be/Ixk00N1W78c

Revelations Of Oblivion was recorded at NRG studios and Titan Studios with Jeff Becerra as executive producer and Daniel Gonzalez as co-producer for the album. Mixing and mastering was handled by Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY, PAIN, BLOODBATH) at Abyss Studios in Sweden. For the artwork, the band enlisted Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak (PARADISE LOST, ABSU, DEICIDE, GHOST, GORGUTS) to create a piece that brought back the notion of true fear that was once associated with the idea of evil.

“Working with Peter was a fantastic experience. We put a great deal of thought into who we wanted to produce our new album. Since we hadn’t made an all-new material release in well over 30 years, it was essential that we found the right person. Peter’s name kept coming up over and over, and after speaking with my bandmates they all really liked Peter as he is more organic, and somebody we felt would fit in well with our process.”

Revelations Of Oblivion will be available as the following:

  • CD jewel with O-card
  • Solid Red Cassette (Limited to 250)
  • Vinyl
    • Opaque Red (Limited to 1,200)
    • Grey with Black Splatter Vinyl (Limited to 300)
    • Transparent Red with White Splatter Vinyl (Limited to 500)
    • Imported Vinyl
      • Black, White, Clear, Swirl
  • Album Art T-Shirt
  • Album Art Longlsleeve
  • Album Art Hoodie
  • Bundles
    • CD + T-shirt + Poster
    • Vinyl + T-shirt + Poster
    • CD + Longlseeve + Poster
    • Vinyl + Longlseeve + Poster
Pre-order Revelations Of Oblivion in the format of your choice here: www.nuclearblast.com/possessed-revelations

Below is the  track listing:
1. Chant Of Oblivion
2. No More Room In Hell
3. Dominion
4. Damned
5. Demon
6. Abandoned
7. Shadowcult
8. Omen
9. Ritual
10. The Word
11. Graven
12. Temple Of Samael

Stay tuned for more information on Revelations Of Oblivion as well as upcoming tours including the Possessed Devils Over Europe Tour 2019 which kicks off on June 6th!

Jeff Becerra | vocals
Daniel Gonzalez | guitars
Emilio Marquez | drums
Robert Cardenas | bass
Claudeous Creamer | guitars

WATCH: “Shadowcult” Live Clip From  Bloodstock Open Air 2017
WATCH: No More Room In Hell” Visualizer 
Watch: The creation of “Death Metal” & POSSESSED
Watch: DEATH & the beginning of the death metal community