POLAR Release New Video for “Dissolve Me”

POLAR has shared the video for the new song “Dissolve Me.”

“‘Dissolve Me’ is all about the red mist of anger that seems to be within everybody in today’s world,” says vocalist Adam Woodford. “A loss of patience like the final straw has been had within all walks of life. A feeling of privileges and freedom having been taken away and this song is a vessel to release the anger inside.”

At the beginning of 2020, the music world came to an abrupt stop; which, for London, UK-based post-hardcore band Polar, meant a conclusive end to the touring cycle of 2019’s acclaimed album Nova.
Filled with a sense of uncertainty in a world turned upside down, Polar went to work on new material that lyrically delves deep within the self, while musically treading new and experimental grounds.
The band is excited to take to the stage after years of musical and personal growth behind the scenes. Expect the unexpected.

Adam Woodford | Vocals
Fabian Lomas | Guitar
Gav Thane | Bass
Noah See | Drums