Passion Self-titled Debut- First Single & Video ‘trespass on Love’ Out Now

Passion is a new British hard rock band inspired by the 80’s and 90’s
giants of the genre. First single, “Trespass on Love” was actually the first
song written for the album and the spark that ignited singer Lion Ravarez
(a/k/a Dan Rossall) to start the band. “It was from here that I decided to
go on and assemble PASSION as a band and produce our debut album,” says
Lion. “The song is perhaps a little more mellow than the rest of the album,
but it’s certainly rich with influences that hail from the melodic rock and
AOR genres. We wanted our first music video to showcase PASSION’s attitude
and sense of humour, it’s very tongue-in-cheek. We hope that anyone new who
discovers us will understand that we just want to put a smile on their face.
The music video was directed by Jay Hillyer and we shot the footage at
Impossible Nightclub in Manchester, UK.”

The concept behind PASSION is simple: great musicianship, great
songwriting, memorable melodies and hooks, serve the song first. “In
addition to this,” continues Lion “we wanted to create an act using
fictional characters (hence the names) as we feel humour is positive, after
all this is the entertainment industry. Don’t let that confuse you though,
we’re not a joke band. We’re deeply passionate about creating high quality
rock music and we’re also very enthusiastic about entertaining an audience.”

PASSION play straight up melodic hard rock, with bold and excitable hooks
and alluring musicality. “We love soulful vocals with razor sharp highs,
memorable guitar riffs, and tasteful solos. If you like “songs”, then you’ll
enjoy PASSION. I’m confident that we can make a mark on the rock and metal
scenes the world over, it just takes time, but we’re gonna get there, I
promise,” concludes Lion.

An absolute must for fans of AC/DC, Aerosmith, KISS, Danger Danger,
Foreigner, Journey, Ratt, Van Halen, and the like.

“PASSION” Tracklist:
1. Intensity
2. Trespass On Love
3. Too Bad For Baby
4. Lost In The Dark
5. Back
6. Victims Of Desire
7. We Do What We Want
8. Built To Please
9. She Bites Hard
10. Big Game

Lion Ravarez – Vocals
Chance Vanderlain – Guitar
Weston James – Bass
Bobby Laker – Drums