Oranssi Pazuzu Releases Music Video For New Single “Uusi Teknokratia” New Album, “Mestarin Kynsi,” Out April 17th



Two weeks ago, Finland’s experimental anti-traditionalists unleashed “Uusi teknokratia”, the first single of their new album “Mestarin kynsi”, out on April, 17th.

Today, ORANSSI PAZUZU release a hypnotic yet consensual music video for this song. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/ScMbsZW3qn4

The band states, “The video Zev Deans made captures the paranoid vibe of the track and expands it further by adding a whole new visual realm in to it. An apocalyptic vision that leaves no other choice but to obey.”

“Uusi teknokratia” was directed by Zev Deans, produced by Rachel KitsonRyan Michael Kelly shot the video with executive producer Noah Young and associate producerDaniel Litt, starring Leslie Barany and Johnny Scuotto.

Rachel Kitson and Zev Deans were responsible for the production design, Christine Snider for the talent management and Madeline Quinn for the VFX assistance.

Stream or download “Uusi teknokratia” here:

Preorder “Mestarin kynsi” here:
“Mestarin kynsi” will be available as CD2LP Black Vinyl and 2LP Gold Vinyl.

Furthermore,the band announces with pleasure new European tour dates. Join ORANSSI PAZUZU on their outstanding performances at festivals in summer 2020 or on their “New Technocracy” tour together with Sturle Dagsland as supporting act.


Doomstar Bookings and FlyingFox AB present:
Festival Gigs
11.06.              PL        Kraków – Mystic Festival
26. – 28.06.     FIN      Helsinki – Tuska Open Air
16. – 19.07.     DE       Crispendorf – Chaos Descents Festival
19. – 22.08.     HU       Mátra-Sástó – Fekete Zaj Festival
19. – 22.08.     RO       Alba Iulia – Dark Bombastic Evening

“New Technocracy Tour”
w/ Sturle Dagsland
27.09.              DE       Leipzig – UT Connewitz
28.09.              CZ        Prague – Futurum
29.09.              DE       Hamburg – Logo
30.09.              SE        Stockholm – Slaktkyrkan
01.10.              DK       Copenhagen – Vega
02.10.              NL        Sneek – Het Bolkwerk
03.10.              BE        Brussels – Magasin 4
04.10.              NL        Utrecht – De Helling
05.10.              UK       London – The Underworld
06.10.              FR        Rennes – Antipode MJC
07.10.              FR        Paris – Petit Bain
08.10.              FR        Toulouse – Metronum
13.10.              FR        Lyon – CCO
14.10.              CH       Martigny – Les Caves Du Mandir
15.10.              CH       Winterthur – Gaswerk
16.10.              AT       Vienna – Arena
17.10.              IT         Milano – Legend Club
18.10.              DE       Karlsruhe – Jubez

Uncovering the intensity and the metal inherent in non-metal, the avant-garde and anti-traditionalist inclinations of Finland’s ORANSSI PAZUZU have always had transcendental goals at heart.
Through the rabbit hole and out the other side to 2020 with the release of their fifth album“Mestarin kynsi”, (“The Master’s Claw”). Inking a deal with German-based industry giants Nuclear BlastORANSSI PAZUZU subvert the idea of world domination to open a conceptual discourse on indoctrination and propaganda itself. Their psychological nightmare evolves a philosophical and earnest tone, where occult future meets troubled reality.

As “Oranssi”, meaning “orange” in their native Finnish language, is the colour of cosmic energy and “Pazuzu” is the ancient Mesopotamian demon of the wind, their swirling kaleidoscope of psychedelia has blown through the underground to redefine boundaries ever since their inception in 2007.

Jun-His: “We definitely wanted to look for new horizons, but on the other hand continue something we began building already on “Värähtelijä”. Some big influences were electro albums that inspired an idea about having a song that would travel through different kinds of portals whilst being mutilated and mutated by the new environment.”
On “Mestarin kynsi” the doors of perception are not only evoked but off their hinges. Working again with their co-producer Julius Mauranen, who also helped craft their acclaimed 2018 Roadburn Festival commissioned, WASTE OF SPACE ORCHESTRA collaboration live show/album “Syntheosis”, in their home-city of Tampere, Finland, the familiarity served a greater purpose towards the evolution of the album. As singer/guitaristJun-His puts it, “there is a city heart pumping on this album somewhere”.

More on “Mestarin kynsi”:
“Mestarin kynsi” (OFFICIAL ALBUM TRAILER)https://youtu.be/2ymS3P9lcuY