OOMPH! Reveal Single with New Singer, “Wem Die Stunde Schlägt” + Video

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New Album, ‘Richter und Henker’,

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Legendary Neue Deutsche Härte pioneers OOMPH! have revealed the first single, “Wem Die Stunde Schlägt”, off of their 14th album, ‘Richter und Henker’, set to be released on September 8, 2023! The upcoming full-length kicks off a new era as it marks the first album with a new lineup, as CR4P and FLUX are joined by new vocalist DER SCHULZ.

The announcement of OOMPH!’s new record and first lineup change in 34 years was met with very positive reception across the board, and the album opener “Wem Die Stunde Schlägt” (en: For Whom The Bell Tolls) makes an immediate statement, propelled by a hefty dose of industrial metal.

OOMPH! on the lyrics of “Wem Die Stunde Schlägt”:

“The song is about recognizing what hour has struck and becoming aware of the situation you are in. It’s about not giving up. Even in hard times, you always have to get back up and try to come back stronger than before, instead of listening to those who would like to see you fail and only want to make you small.

The title is borrowed from the bestseller by Ernest Hemingway, whose great writing style we adore.”

The band adds on the video:


“The video is a symbolic representation of the song’s lyrics – stating that we always have a choice in which directions we go. In a flashback daydream of sorts, we’re told the story of a young woman at the turn of the century, who is condemned by mythical masked figures and led to the gallows because she apparently murdered her husband. The band is both the witness and the storyteller. The plot is not given away.

In addition, there are energetic and powerful band performance scenes. The video was shot in the impressive baroque setting of Bückeburg Castle and its mausoleum.”

Watch the Official Music Video for “Wem Die Stunde Schlägt” HERE
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OOMPH! on the new album:

“Working together in this new constellation has spurred our creativity in the studio to the extreme. There will be some nice musical developments and surprises on the new album, ‘Richter und Henker’, without neglecting our typical OOMPH! constants. Even our usual “test listeners” say the album sounds unmistakably like OOMPH!

“We can’t wait to finally present the songs to you and play them live on tour!”

‘Richter und Henker’ Track List:

Wem die Stunde Schlägt

2 Richter und Henker

3 Soll das Liebe Sein?

4 Nur Ein Mensch

5 Schrei nur Schrei

6 Nichts wird mehr Gut

7 Sag Jetzt Einfach Nichts

8 Es ist Nichts, Wie es Scheint

9 Wo die Angst Gewinnt

10 All die Jahre

11 Wut feat. Joachim Witt

12 Ein Kleines Bisschen Glück

‘Richter und Henker’ will be available in the following formats:

=> Deluxe Box, including 1 CD 6 pages Digisleeve, Hangman Block, 2 pencils, socks, tote bag, A6 photo card (strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide)

– Napalm Records Store exclusive

=> 2 LP Die Hard Gatefold Marbled Transparent Red/Black Vinyl incl slipmat, 12 inch booklet and record butler (strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide)

– Napalm Records Store exclusive

=> 2 LP Gatefold Gold Vinyl (strictly limited to 1000 copies) – GSA Retail exclusive

=> 2 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl

=> 1 CD 6 pages Digisleeve

=> Digital Album

‘Richter und Henker’ clearly proves that OOMPH! return stronger than before with their new lineup, charging straight forward! Album opener “Wem Die Stunde Schlägt” (en: For Whom The Bell Tolls) makes an immediate statement, propelled by a hefty dose of industrial metal. Title track “Richter und Henker” captivates the listener with a mixture of hooky guitars and chanting vocals, while criticizing ignorant social movements. New wave influences are present on heavy and groovy anti-war anthem “Nur Ein Mensch” (en: Only A Human) – a future hit and strong sign against warmongering and empty slogans that force hatred and war. On “Wut” (Anger), OOMPH! is supported by none other than genre idol Joachim Witt.

Since their formation in 1989, OOMPH! has emerged as a highly influential band that has even inspired later Neue Deutsche Härte giants. With ‘Richter und Henker’, the Neue Deutsche Härte masters prove that they remain a leading force in the scene!

OOMPH! Live 2023:

w/ Böse Fuchs

02.11.23 DE – Hanover / Capitol

03.11.23 DE – Hamburg / Markthalle

04.11.23 DE – Dresden / Tante Ju

05.11.23 DE – Berlin / Huxley’s Neue Welt

07.11.23 PL – Poznan / Tama

08.11.23 CZ – Prague / Meet Factory

09.11.23 AT – Vienna / Simm City

10.11.23 DE – Munich / Backstage Werk

12.11.23 DE – Bochum / Zeche

13.11.23 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp

14.11.23 DE – Ludwigsburg / Scala

16.11.23 FR – Paris / La Trabendo

17.11.23 FR – Lyon / Marché Gare

18.11.23 FR – Strasbourg / La Laiterie

19.11.23 CH – Solothurn / Kofmehl

21.11.23 DE – Cologne / Live Music Hall

22.11.23 NL – Arnhem / Luxor

23.11.23 DE – Onsabrück / Hydepark

24.11.23 DE – Rostock / Mau Club

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