One-Man USBM Act 10:13 Release Official Video for New Single “Beyond The Grip of Humanity”

One-Man USBM Act 10:13 Release Official Video for New Single “Beyond The Grip of Humanity”

One-man instrumental black metal act 10:13 have released the official video for “Beyond the Grip of Humanity,” the second single from their forthcoming debut album Result of an Iron Age.
“Beyond the Grip of Humanity” (Official Video)
Stream/Purchase “Beyond the Grip of Humanity”
10:13 will release debut album Result of an Iron Age on January 24, 2019. The official video for opening track “Oathbade” is available at  The track features a solo from guest guitarist Mario Romero and is also available for streaming/purchase at this location.
From the mind of multi-instrumentalist/composer Neil Carter and inclusive of a guest appearance by Derek Sherinian (PLANET X), Result of an Iron Age is a bleak, futuristic soundtrack to humanity’s descent into a hellish, post-apocalyptic world. Indeed, the album’s 11 tracks form a cohesive whole, a musical journey that transcends the common constructs of depressive black metal by seamlessly incorporating progressive elements, not the least of which includes rhythmic complexity, obsidian keyboard layering, penetrating samples, and even the periodic use harmonica to create an immersive experience that twists, churns, and chills to the bone.

Carter will be performing a series of local one-man shows with him serving as drummer playing along with the album.
Track Listing
1. Oathbade
2. The Worst in Me
3. Misanthropic Delirium
4. Deconstructual Integrity
5. In the Black Book of Death
6. Result of an Iron Age
7. Son of Monotony
8. Nashiteric
9. Beyond the Grip of Humanity
10. A Day too Late
11. Conduit Closing…
Album Credits
All songs written by Neil Carter (Drums, Harmonica, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards)
Produced/Engineered by Neil Carter
Drum engineering assistance – Dennis Anderson
Guest Musicians:
Mario Romero – Guitar solo on “Oathbade” / Guitar on end of “Son of Monotony”
Dennis Anderson – Bass solo on “In the Black Book of Death”
Dan Carter – Acoustic guitar, middle of “Deconstructual Integrity” and end of “Nashiteric”
Derek Sherinian – Keyboards on “Conduit Closing…” and end of “Son of Monotony”

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