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New Album ‘The Fox & The Bird’ Out June 2nd

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Boston progressive rock quartet OK GOODNIGHT have released the first single off their upcoming concept album, ‘The Fox & The Bird’. The new track, titled “The Bear”, is a rousing initiation into the rich soundscapes and contrasting elements that establish the outfit’s earnest approach to songwriting. The band is joined by Elizabeth Hull on the track, who both co-wrote and provided guest vocals on “The Bear”.

Speaking about their new single, the band shares:

“We kick off introductions to this wild new story with a brutal and energetic first single; we are immediately thrust into a terrifying life-or-death scene as our main protagonists, the Fox and the Bird are hunted by a most unforgiving foe: a starving, insatiable Bear. This song’s combination of heavy, unrelenting metal themes, tense piano-led motifs, and battle-cry vocals make it one gorgeous and bittersweet experience you’ll be sure to remember.”

To celebrate the upcoming release of ‘The Fox & The Bird’,

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OK GOODNIGHT have announced the official album release show, which will take place at Middle East (Upstairs) in Boston on June 2nd. Joining the band for the evening are Wilderun, Chuggernaut, and Vesta In Ruin.

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‘The Fox & The Bird’ Track List:

1- The Drought

2- The Fox And The Bird

3- The Raccoon (And The Myth)

4- The Journey

5- The Snake

6- The Nightmare

7- The Falcon

8- The Dream

9- The Bear

10- The Crocodile

11- The Bird

12- The Mountain

13- The Rain


Combining the talents of Casey Lee Williams (vocals), Martin Gonzalez (guitars), Martín de Lima (piano/keyboards), and Augusto Bussio (drums), OK GOODNIGHT challenges modern prog metal by taking inspiration from a wide array of genres. Based out of Boston, MA, the band formed when they were all studying at Berklee College of Music.

In early 2019, the band released their first single titled “Rapture”. In October of the same year, they released their debut album, ‘Limbo’, with bassist Ron Bernhaut and backing vocalist Elizabeth Hull. On November 13th, 2020, the band released an EP, ‘Under the Veil’, which featured guest performances on bass from Peter de Reyna of Seven Spires and Jacob Umansky of Intervals.

OK GOODNIGHT is currently preparing for the release of their second full-length on June 2nd. ‘The Fox & The Bird’ is a concept album about animals and myths telling the tale of a drought-stricken land and two friends’ perilous quest to bring back the rain. As the story unfolds, the music moves from acoustic softness to electric heaviness, all the while depicting a bustling wilderness with vibrant sound design.

The collaborative effort that went into crafting this album saw every member of the band play an important role in both songwriting and production, naturally pushing the quartet’s sound to the next level. Indeed, their new material keeps surprising the listener at every turn, taking you on an emotional journey full of pop-infused melodies, jazzy time changes, and crushing metal riffs.


Casey Lee Williams – Lead Vocals

Martin Gonzalez – Guitar

Martín de Lima – Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Augusto Bussio – Drums, Backing Vocals

Peter de Reyna – Bass

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