OHP Releases Metal Cover Of Starship’s Classic, “We Built This City.”

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Israel born and LA based heavy rock artist OHP (OREN HALMUT) has released his cover of STARSHIP’s classic “We Built This City.” Shot, produced, directed and edited by the artist, “We Built This City” is a reimagining of the song that fans both of the original and Metal fans can enjoy.


When you live in LA this song was a must to cover. – OHP

We Built The City - Metal Cover By OHP

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Oren started his musical endeavor at the young age of nine in Tel-Aviv Israel. After playing and recording with numerous artists in his home town, he relocated to California in early 2000. Since then, he has been a prominent musical figure in Los Angeles, across the west coast and the nation. He owns H2O studios in North Hollywood, where he works as a producer, drummer and guitar player depending on the needs of each individual project. In 2016 oren started the “ohp metal” channel on youtube which features weekly metal covers of popular songs ranging from pop ,country, hip hop and RnB .The channel has gained over 10000 subscribers and growing weekly.

Oren currently lives in Los Angeles and is endorsed by Vater drumsticks, Dean Markley Guitar Strings and Moody guitar straps.