OH HIROSHIMA: Release Final Single ‘In Solar’!

OH HIROSHIMA Release Final Single ‘In Solar’!
New Album “Oscillation” Due Out Next Friday, July 26, on Napalm Records!
The end of this month,July 26th, will see atmospheric post-rock unit Oh Hiroshima release their hotly anticipated, third studio album titled “Oscillation” with Napalm Records. After four long years since the band’s critically acclaimed “In Silence We Earn,” Oh Hiroshima return with their most epic record to date: Abstract guitar licks, dreamlike vocals as well as the hint of Electronica; this is a mesmerizing trip through diverse and dynamic soundscapes, like a beautiful fever dream that will hold you enthralled for a very long time. 
Today the Swedish trio has released a third and final single to the haunting song “In Solar,” before the album will be coming out by the end of this month on powerhouse label Napalm Records. Listen to In Solar HERE!
“Oscillation” Tracklisting:
1. Neu

2. A Handful of Dust

3. Simulacra
4. Moderate Spectre

5. Darkroom Aesthetics

6. In Solar
7. Molnet
Just recently, the band released some outstanding excerpts of their new album, listen to the tracks “Darkroom Aesthetics” HERE! and “Moderate Spectre” HERE
To pre-order your album copy, visit the Napalm Records online store at THIS LOCATION!
Jakob Hemström – guitar & vocals
Oskar Nilsson – drums

Simon Axelsson – bass
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