NEW VIDEO ALERT! Sinner’s Blood “The Mirror”

Sinner’s Blood’s debut single and video, ‘Kill Or Die’ has racked up an impressive nearly 250K views, so we certainly hope you guys are hungry for more! Here is their second single and video, ‘The Mirror’!
Click here to watch the video:
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For those unfamiliar with this Chilean melodic metal band, we think a great way to describe their sound is to imagine Evergrey with less progressive elements and touches of modern metal. In other words, excellent songwriting and musicianship paired with incredible vocals.
Their debut album “The Mirror Star” is out October 9th. Watch their other music video, ‘Kill Or Die,’ here:
1.  The Mirror
2.  Phoenix Rise
3.  Never Again
4.  Remember Me
5.  The Path Of Fear
6.  Forever
7.  Kill Or Die
8.  Never Resting Soul
9.  Who I Am
10. The Hunting
11. Awakening
James Robledo – Vocals
Nasson – Guitar, vocals, keys
Nicolas Fischer – Bass, vocals
Guillermo Pereira – Drums
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