NEW RELEASES FROM Bloody Heels, Michael Grant & The Assassins, Tokyo Motor Fist and Enuff Z’nuff – Out Now

This past Friday July 10th saw a host of amazing releases from Frontiers Music Srl from Bloody Heels, Michael Grant & The Assassins, Tokyo Motor Fist and Enuff Z’nuff!
The spirit of the ’80s will never die, at least not with Bloody Heels around. For all of those who weren’t around to live it the first time, here’s your chance for redemption.
Bloody Heels have outdone themselves in an electrifying sophomore album that promises arena-rocking vigor for years to come.
-Sonic Perspectives-
All that’s left to say is: get this album.
-DangerDog Music Reviews-
Everything that great rock and roll is supposed to be, the guys in Bloody Heels have brought it to 2020
-I’m Music Magazine-
Latvian hard rockers Bloody Heels have released their new album, “Ignite The Sky” this past Friday, July 10, 2020. Stream and order the album HERE:
Additionally the band has released a new live music video for the track “The Line.” Watch it HERE:
Formed in 2012 in Riga, Latvia, Bloody Heels have a musical style that could be best described as a sort of missing link between Crashdïet and Crazy Lixx, with heavier elements like early W.A.S.P. and Kissin’ Dynamite. The band have already made a name for themselves with the EP ‘Summer Nights’ (2014) and the album ‘Through Mystery’ (2017). They’ve played shows all around Europe including Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and the Baltic States.
Vocals – Valts Berzins (Vicky White)
Guitars – Haralds Avotins (Harry Rivers)
Bass – Gunars Narbuts (Gunn Everett)
Drums – Gustavs Vanags (Gus Hawk)
Cello on track ‘Silhouette’ – Erna Daugaviete
Saxophone on track ‘Healing Waters’ – Dagnis Rozins
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Always The Villain rocks from start to finish. Grant has undoubtably escaped from under Tracii Guns’ shadow and proves that he’s not just a hired gun, ensuring that this album is a good step toward making it on his own.
There’s something very uncommon about this wonderful music.
-The Rock Pit-
Exceptional and entertaining melodic hard rock
-DangerDog Music Reviews- 
“Always The Villain”, the debut album from Michael Grant & The Assassins, is out now!  Michael Grant & The Assassins play a diverse and exciting brand of hard rock music incorporating elements from alternative rock and metal, while exploring different textures, genres, and influences. Band mastermind Michael Grant (who plays all instruments on the album) creates a sound that is intense, heavily melodic, and anthemic. 
Stream and order the album HERE:
In conjunction with the album’s release the band has dropped a new video for the song “Nightmares.” Watch it HERE:
In the works since 2018, “Always The Villain” is a labor of love for this established talent. Prior to The Assassins, Grant was the creative driving force behind Endeverafter, a Sacramento based alternative/hard rock band signed to Epic Records in the early ‘00s. Handling vocals, lead guitars, and songwriting, Grant released two albums with the band before disbanding them in 2012. Grant then served as touring guitarist for LA Guns for five years and also recorded one album with the band. Prince, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Guns ‘N Roses, David Bowie, Tom Petty, and In Flames are all influences on Grant and informed the sound of “Always The Villain”. Grant is now focused full-time on The Assassins, who have already played shows in the US.
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Once more the quartet delivers their catchy and entertaining AOR melodic hard rock, featuring strong guitar work, an abundance of rock rhythm and groove, catchy refrains, and sweet vocal arrangements.
-DangerDog Music Reviews-
Well, it doesn’t come finer than this 
-Battle Helm-
Lions is a fantastic release, one of the year’s best, and I can’t wait to see what these guys do next. 
-Amps and Greens Screens-
Tokyo Motor Fist’s self-titled debut scratched an itch for music fans who have been starving for new albums from Trixter or Danger Danger (and who also happen to love Def Leppard) and now the band delivers another fix with their sophomore album, “LIONS,” which is out now on Frontiers Music Srl
Stream and order the album HERE: 
Watch the video for “Around Midnight” HERE:
You don’t need to be a die-hard ’80s/’90s hard rock fan to know that the fruits of an artistic alliance between Danger Danger singer Ted Poley and guitarist/producer Steve Brown of Trixter was going to make melodic rock fans rejoice! Featuring Ted Poley (vocals), Steve Brown (guitar), Greg Smith (bass), and Chuck Burgi (drums), Tokyo Motor Fist was birthed out of Ted and Steve’s long standing friendship.
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His (Chip) band has just produced a barnstormer of a rock & roll record. They can’t tour it any time soon, but if there’s any justice this is an album that will find its way into many homes anyway.
-LA Weekly-
Once more, with Brainwashed Generation, Enuff Z’nuff delivers another exceptional and entertaining album of their signature power pop infused melodic hard rock.
-Dangerdog Music Reviews-
Enuff Z’Nuff has pulled together a wondrous tapestry of sounds to make a thoroughly entertaining and captivating album that should bring with it wide audience appeal.
-RocknLoad Magazine-
Enuff Z’nuff are the living, breathing example of what a rock ‘n roll group should be. Now centered around bass player and vocalist Chip Z’nuff, Enuff Z’nuff are still delivering the band’s patented power pop melded with hard rock stylings. Their new album, “Brainwashed Generation” (out now) is the follow-up to 2018’s well received “Diamond Boy.
Stream and order “Brainwashed Generation” HERE:
Featuring founding members Chip Z’nuff and Alex Kane (LSD), Tory Stoffregen and Daniel Benjamin Hill,Enuff Z’Nuff’s new studio release, “Brainwashed Generation” showcases a diverse collection of songs that demonstrate the progression of musical styles in the Enuff Z’nuff catalog, all while retaining the undercurrent that has kept them a loyal fanbase since the ‘80s. The album also features guest appearances from original frontman and guitarist Donnie Vie (“Strangers In My Head”) as well as guest appearances from Mike Portnoy, and Daxx Nielsen (Cheap Trick).
Chip Z’nuff – Singer/ Bass Guitar
Tory Stoffregen – Lead Guitar
Alex Kane – Lead Guitar
Dan Hill – Drums
Special guests:
Mike Portnoy – Ringo / Beatles replica kit by TAMA – Track 5
DAXX “Cheap Trick” Nielsen – Drums Tracks 2, 4, 7, 9
Steve Ramone – Guitar Tracks 2, 8
Tony Fennell – Guitar Track 3
Joel Norman – Piano Track 1
Ace Frehley – Inaudible Lead Guitar Track 7
Donnie Vie – Vox, Guitar Track 6
Vinnie Castaldo – Drums Track 
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