New Audio Alert! Brother Against Brother “Deadly Sin”

We have loved seeing all the great feedback for the upcoming self-titled debut album from Brother Against Brother, which features co-lead vocalists Nando Fernandes and Renan Zonta (Electric Mob). The band has just released a third single, ‘Deadly Sins’. Awesome melodic metal!
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Watch videos from the album below:
“Valley Of The Kings” (music video) 
“Demons In My Head” (lyric video)
Conceived by Serafino Perugino, President and A&R director of Frontiers Music Srl, Brother Against Brother is meant to showcase these two amazing vocalists to a larger global audience outside of their homeland of Brazil. Nando Fernandes is one of the most established, popular rock/metal singers in Brazil and he is paired here with one of the hottest vocal talents of the new wave of hard rock bands from the Frontiers label, Renan Zonta of Electric Mob. Together, they are on fire on this magnificent melodic metal album written for them by none other than Alessandro Del Vecchio (JORN, Revolution Saints, Edge Of Forever). 
While Brazil is quite obviously rich in musical talent in the rock and metal world, these two singers are some of the best on the planet and are ready for the world stage. Get ready for one of the most exciting releases of the year in the self-titled debut from Brother Against Brother! Fans of rich, powerful melodic metal and powerful rock and metal vocals will want to have this on their ‘must hear’ list for 2021. 
1.  Two Brothers
2.  What If
3.  City Of Gold
4.  Heaven Sent
5.  Haunted Heart
6.  Deadly Sins
7.  In The Name Of Life
8.  Demons In My Head
9.  Whispers In Darkness
10. Valley Of The Kings
11.  Lost Son
Renan Zonta: vocals, backing vocals
Nando Fernandes: vocals, backing vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio: bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Jonas Hornqvist: guitars
Michele Sanna: drums
Brother Against Brother Social Media:

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