NEFESH CORE premiere new single “Stormraven”


Dark/Gothic Metal act Nefesh Core premiere new single “Stormraven” off their first album “Getaway” coming out September 25, 2020.


the band comment:
“it’s the visionary travel of a man along his childhood memories as he took a look at an ancient family photography. So memories start throwing him back to his past, to his bedroom, where he was playing alone, a strange boy to his parents, with a winter heart, no one knew he had dreams or not; he remembers of his big house outside the city, now completely abandoned but still living by each of its stone. And while he’s remembering those old days, as he thinks to his father’s smile, he sees the man he is now, a warrior in downtown, a solitary raven who faces the storm, his friend, and stands up against life hits, moved by love and courage: an ordinary hero who fight everyday to save his love and freedom from the decay of time”.

NEFESH CORE was formed in 2018 by Dave Brown and Stefano “Ghigas” Calvagno, both known for their roles into the White-Progressive metal band Metatrone with Ivan Newton on drums, takes inspiration from the New Wave and Dark Music of the ’80s as well as mixing typical elements coming from the melodic hard rock and classic metal with ’90s Gothic Metal influence. One of the main feature of the project is that Dave himself is in charge of the main vocals and keyboard parts.

“Getaway” contains 10 tracks of Dark Rock of the 80s as well as mixing typical elements coming from the melodic hard rock and classic metal with 90s Gothic Metal influence.
Mixed by Luigi Scuderi at Tower Hill Studios through 2019. Mastered by Jacob Hansen, at Hansen Studios (Denmark). Cover Art and illustrations by Christian Wallin.

“Getaway” will be released Worldwide September 25th, 2020 via Rockshots Records.
Pre Orders available on Rockshots Official Store: