Neaera: launches video for new single, “Catalyst”



Founded in 2003, Neaera has been with Metal Blade Records since 2004, releasing six albums during this time. The band announced their farewell tour in 2015 and have been on hiatus since then – until now! Neaera has re-formed and is ready to release a new self-titled album via Metal Blade Records on February 28th.

For a preview of Neaera, the video for the new single, “Catalyst”, can be viewed at:

The video for the first single, “Torchbearer”, can be seen at:– where the album is also available for pre-order in the following formats:
– digipak-CD
– box set (digipak CD, bonus demo CD, pin, sweat band, patch – limited to 3000 copies)
– 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
– clear w/ black smoke vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 500 copies)
– clear / white marbled vinyl (EMP exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– dark red / brown marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– clear / grey white swirl vinyl (EU Shop exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
– ochre brown marbled vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
* exclusive bundles with shirts, plus digital options are also available!

Neaera‘s fire was first rekindled when the band played two exclusive shows in 2018. “We have been overwhelmed by the reactions,” comments singer Benjamin Hilleke. “None of us was expecting that and it was the moment when the fire was de-fact again!”

A little while later Tobias Buck started to come up with new song ideas: “I just really got up to it again and met directly with our friend and later producer Trisan Hachmeister to record a few things in his studio for testing purposes. The other guys were immediately fished-on from the first auditions. A few months later, we sat down together at one table and decided to record another album together.”

For Neaera, they decided to work with professionals and studios that have contributed to the band’s history: drums were recorded in the Docma Klang Studio in Osnabrück (where the demo was recorded in 2004) while artwork was created by Terje Johnsen (who also handled the art for 2007’s Armamentarium, 2009’s Omnicide – Creation Unleashed, 2010’s Forging The Eclipse). For the mixing and mastering, the band got Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Heaven Shall Burn, etc.) on board. “Hansen already did a great job with our albums ‘Let The Tempest Come‘ and ‘Armamentarium‘. This is exactly the sound we wanted to have back on this album,” says Buck happily. The result 100% reflects Neaera‘s trademarks!

Neaera track-listing:
1. (Un)drowned
2. Catalyst
3. False Shepherds
4. Resurrection of Wrath
5. Carriers
6. Rid the Earth of the Human Virus
7. Sunset of Mankind
8. Lifeless
9. Eruption in Reverse
10. Torchbearer
11. Deathless

Neaera live:
Feb. 29 – Münster, Germany – Triptychon (exclusive pre-order release show) *SOLD OUT
Apr. 10 – Wien, Austria – Impericon Festival
Apr. 11 – Leipzig, Germany – Impericon Festival
Apr. 17 – Zurich, Switzerland – Impericon Festival
Apr. 18 – Oberhausen, Germany – Impericon Festival
Apr. 19 – Munchen, Germany – Impericon Festival
July 1-4 – Viveiro, Spain – Resurrection Fest
July 30-Aug. 1 – Schleswig-Holstein, Germany – Wacken Festival
Aug. 12-15 – Dinkelsbühl, Germany – Summer Breeze

Neaera line-up:
Benjamin Hilleke – vocals
Sebastian Heldt – drums
Benjamin Donath – bass
Stefan Keller – guitars
Tobias Buck – guitars

Neaera discography:
2005 – The Rising Tide Of Oblivion – Metal Blade Records
2006 – Let The Tempest Come – Metal Blade Records
2007 – Armamentarium – Metal Blade Records
2009 – Omnicide – Creation Unleashed – Metal Blade Records
2010 – Forging The Eclipse – Metal Blade Records
2013 – Ours Is The Storm – Metal Blade Records
2020 – Neaera – Metal Blade Records

Neaera online: