NACHTBLUT Announces New Album Vanitas, Out October 2

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First Single and Official Video 
“Das Puppenhaus” Out Now | Watch HERE!
“And anyone who doesn’t follow my rules will be cut into pieces”
Three years since the release of their previous album, Apostasie, dark metal pioneers NACHTBLUT return with even more vigor and announce their new gloomy offering, Vanitas, out October 2 via Napalm Records.
The first single “Das Puppenhaus” (engl. the dollhouse) is reminiscent of scene giants such as Rammstein and draws the listener deep into the significant NACHTBLUT sound. Rhythmic guitars weave all throughout this smashing hymn while a steady rhythm underlines the honest lyrics.
The soft, harmonic, yet calm introduction may appear deceptive, but NACHTBLUT is by no means representing their song in a restrained manner. Askeroth’s dark voice effortlessly shifts between whispering growls and clean vocals while authentically smashing the listener’s ears.
NACHTBLUT about the new single:
“With “Das Puppenhaus“ we combined an issue that seems to be outdated, but actually is more up to date than you might think. The title of song sounds nice and harmonious, but if you see behind the curtain you will realize the omnipresent and claustrophobic atmosphere. With the dark video for “Das Puppenhaus“ we substantiate the songs prevailing mood and giving the metaphor we use a strong visual cue.”
Watch the official video for “Das Puppenhaus” HERE!
[directed by Henning Hammoor Medien & Entertainment]
The new album Vanitas draws the listener into the band’s musical maelstrom in a classifying NACHTBLUT manner: hard riffs, Askeroth’s incisive vocals, rousing melodies and profound, candid lyrics.
Songs like “Die Toten vergessen nicht” (engl. the dead don’t forget) shine with an unmistakably dark and orchestral sound that will cause shivers to run down the listener’s spine, while the folk-influenced song “Leierkinder” (engl. children of the lyre) convinces with an addictive rhythms and moving lyrics. With Vanitas, dark metal giants NACHTBLUT create a symbolic work of art somewhere between transience and infinity.
NACHTBLUT on their new album Vanitas:
“Three years after our last release, it feels great to be back with such a multifarious record. “Vanitas“ combines many elements, from melodic songs, electronic sounds to heavy, fast riffs. We merged those to one harmonious oeuvre and we more than happy and excited about the result. As the title reveals, the idea of transiency and mortality is major topic on this record and have been influenced by the Danse Macabre and the Vanitas still life paintings. But this did not limit us to not speak out about injustices and bringing up painful subjects, nor to be less contentious.”
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Vanitas will be available in North America in the following formats:
– 4 Page Digipak
– Wooden Box: Digipak, Bonus CD, Leather Wrist Band, 4 Coaster, Deck of cards – Ltd. to 500 copies
– Shirt & Digipak Bundle
– Digital Album
Tracklist Vanitas:
1. Veritas
2. Vanitas
3. Leierkinder
4. Das Puppenhaus
5. Kaltes Herz
6. Nur In Der Nacht
7. Fürchtet Was Geschrieben Steht
8. Schmerz & Leid (feat. Chris Harms)
9. Meine Grausamkeit Kennt Keine Grenzen
10. Gegen Die Götter
11. Die Toten Vergessen Nicht
Askeroth – vocals
Ablaz – bass
Skoll – drums
Greif – guitar
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