MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT Announce Release of ‘Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years’

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Gothic-Disco legends MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT have announced the upcoming release of Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years, the third installment in their retrospective Sinister Whisperz series. The album features 19 previously unreleased mixes highlighting the band’s time on the Rykodisc label (1997 – 2007). The compilation includes songs from the LP’s A Crime For All SeasonsDirty Little SecretsDiamonds & DaggerzGay, Black & MarriedThe Resurrection Of Luna, and The Filthiest Show In Town.

Previous releases in the series are 2011’s Sinister Whisperz: The Wax Trax! Years and 2016’s Sinister Whisperz II: The Interscope Years. All albums are distributed via the band’s label, SleazeBox Records.

Album Art

Sinister Whisperz III: The Rykodisc Years 1. Girl Without A Planet (Lost Satellite Mix) 2. Fangs Of Love (Bite Me Mix) 3. Freaky Fever (Shake ‘N Bake Mix) 4. Untouchable Class (Scum World Mix) 5. My Kinda Guy (Sex Box Mix) 6. Flesh Star (Ooh Ahh Mix) 7. Young Tongue (All Nighter Mix) 8. Dirty Little Secrets (Lonely Lolita Mix) 9. Jet Set Sex (Runway Mix) 10. Lucifer’s Flowers (Blood Money Mix) 11. Operation: Sextrip (Pluto’s Mix) 12. Magic Boy Magic Girl (oXY Mix) 13. Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes (Kandi Kiss Mix) 14. Cadillac Square (Two 4 One Mix) 15. Dope Doll Jungle (Hi Fi Mix) 16. Seduction 23 (Kool Sweat Mix) 17. Covergirl Blues (Return To Tomorrow Mix) 18. Sci – Fi Affair (Pinot Noir Mix) 19. Hard, Fast & Beautiful (Hellza Poppin’ Mix)


Sinister Whisperz I: The ‘Wax Trax’ Years (1987-1991): 1. And This Is What The Devil Does (Fade To Blacklight Mix) 2. Burning Dirt (The Hand That Bleedz Mix) 3. Do U Fear…For Your Child? (Klub Hell Mix) 4. Nervous Xians (Le Carnival Mix) 5. The Days Of Swine & Roses (The Puppet Mix) 6. These Remains (TranzLucious Mix) 7. Shock Of Point 6 (Forbidden Saints Mix) 8. A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (4 Ever & Ever Mix) 9. Ride The Mindway (Acideater Mix) 10. Kooler Than Jesus (AC/DC Dog Mix) 11. Leathersex (All Tied Up Mix) 12. A Girl Doesn’t Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover…’Cuz It’s Hot (Demon Seed Mix) 13. Satana Rising

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Sinister Whisperz II: The Interscope Years (1992-1996) 1. Sexplosion! 2. Badlife 3. Apollo 69 4. Disko Fleshpot 5. The International Sin Set 6. Glamour Is A Rocky Road 7. Blue Buddha 8. Dream Baby 9. Velvet Edge 10. Chemical Copout 11. After The Flesh 12. Final Blindness 13. A Martini Built For 2

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Hailing from Chicago’s renowned Wax Trax! Records stable of recording artists, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT have been conjuring up sonic tales of sex, blasphemy and kitschy horror since 1987. Along with label mates such as Front 242KMFDM and Ministry, TKK (as often abbreviated), helped develop the industrial music genre, but they themselves continued to evolve, creating one of the most diverse repertoires in modern day music. Their sound can be described as electronic rock, heavily influenced by both disco and funk. One of their most distinctive characteristics is the use of spoken-word samples lifted from B-movies laced throughout their songs. Since debuting, they have released 13 studio albums, and their music has been featured in a variety of films, television/cable shows and soundtracks, all the while making a reputation for themselves as one of the most notorious and controversial cult bands of their generation.

Artist Franke Nardiello and musician Marston Daley, two Chicago neighbors who enjoyed late night burritos while watching foreign horror movies on VHS rented from the corner store, began conspiring to make a trashy B movie (in the style of Russ Meyer and John Waters) to be called “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult”. While the film itself never came to fruition, they also wrote some music to be the accompanying soundtrack. Both worked at Wax Trax! Records in Chicago, and when the label heard the tracks, they were intrigued and eager to release it.

The duo took the title of the film as the name for their band, and decided to focus on the musical group full time. Taking the stage names Groovie Mann (Nardiello) and Buzz McCoy (Daley), they worked on creating an occult-biker meets disco-rock influence look for the project, which included a bevy of voluptuous back-up singers and dancers known as the BOMB GANG GIRLZ. The New York Times wrote, “Sex, blasphemy, big beats and go-go dancing; they’re all in a day’s work for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult ”. This attracted the attention of indie fans and the ire of religious groups in practically equal measure. They released their first album I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits in 1988 followed up by the hard-hitting dance floor classics “Kooler Than Jesus” and “A Girl Doesn’t Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover Cuz It’s Hot,” which featured no-wave chanteuse Lydia Lunch on vocals. By the time they released their second album, Confessions Of A Knife (1990), they were far and away one of the biggest selling acts on the label.

In 1991, the band embarked on the decadent “Sexplosion! Tour”, titled after their third album. Alternative Press reviewed the show as “Sin-sational!”. The tour was a success and the record sold so well that they signed a deal with Interscope Records shortly afterwards, and the single “Sex On Wheelz” became a sizeable radio hit.

Hollywood also embraced the group, recognizing the unique cinematic aspect of their sound. The band’s music has appeared in a slew of films and tv/cable shows including, director Ralph Bakshi’s “Cool World”, Paul Verhoven’s saucy “Showgirls”, MTV’s “Beavis And Butthead“, and the cult film classic “The Crow”, in which the ensemble make a cameo appearance performing their song “After The Flesh”. More recently the KULT was written into the story line of the 2014 film “Sexy Evil Genius” starring Seth Green.

THRILL KILL KULT continue to release new material via their own SleazeBox Records label ( and tour extensively with a rotating cast of musicians and dubious characters, however the core of the project has always been Nardiello and Daley, both on record and in the live act. Their performances sizzle with sleaze and infectious grooves, as Melody Maker once described, “A red hot cabaret from Hell”.

They begin their 4th decade this year with the release of a new album, In The House Of Strange Affairs on February 14th, and a North American tour commencing May 5th in Las Vegas. The current line-up is Groovie Mann (vocals), Buzz McCoy (keys), Mimi Star (bass), Justin Thyme (drums), Arena Rock (Bomb Gang Girl).