Musician/Model Natalie Nootenboom Reimagines Guns N’ Roses Classic “Rocket Queen”

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“I was inspired to cover ‘Rocket Queen’ because of its bold, sexy, wild, and shocking origins. It’s a song so fiery and playful it makes you want to dance in your underwear with the window curtains open. I wanted my take on the song to focus on celebrating queerhood and female empowerment.”

– Natalie Nootenboom

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GUNS ‘N ROSES: See ‘Vogue’ model Natalie Nootenboom’s NSFW cover of “Rocket Queen” | Revolver (

Natalie Nootenboom shares, “There were times when I almost didn’t release “Rocket Queen” because I thought ‘this isn’t me, this is a persona,’ then I realized there’s nothing wrong with having a persona because my personas are a part of me. Music is one of the ways we can try on different energies and perspectives in a fun, non-serious manner. I realized with this project that’s what I’ve been doing.

I originally recorded a dirty version of this song with my friends – we parked in an area in my neighborhood and jokingly started moaning into my phone. Listening back to it, I couldn’t take it seriously. It was satire. The moans in the studio thing worked for Guns N Roses cause they were recording a moment that authentically represented their lifestyle- it was real as it could be. But it wasn’t reflective of mine. It reminded me of when I was recording the vocals and I originally tried emulating Axl’s voice. Then I realized one, this was my cover and it had to come from my perspective, and two, there’s no copying Axl Rose. I think making covers teaches you how to be more original.

I wanted to cover ‘Rocket Queen’ because it’s a song that completely sets you on fire. It’s an invigorating track that screams ‘here I am’ – a declaration of one’s confidence. I wanted to give it a modern take – female-driven and a celebration of queer sexuality. You don’t see that a lot of that kind of representation in hard rock music. “

cover photo: Leo Bellamy

“Rocket Queen” Release Date: February 10, 2023 (9 am EST)



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About Natalie Nootenboom:

Emerging rockstar Natalie Nootenboom is shattering stereotypes. Fueled by electric guitar riffs, powerhouse vocals, and a whole lotta soul, Natalie’s sound is fierce, punchy, defiant of genres boxes, and unapologetically her own.

Blazing a trail that’s part-hard rock, part-pop, and a touch metal, the multi-hyphenate creative isn’t afraid to live a life that sets her apart. Queer, mixed Japanese-Dutch, and one of the first plus-sized Asian models ever to break into high fashion, Natalie’s all about authentic self-expression, embracing diversity, true representation, and owning the sh*t out of being different.

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photo credit: Leo Bellamy 

photo credit: Leo Bellamy 

photo credit: Leo Bellamy 

photo credit: Leo Bellamy 

photo credit: Leo Bellamy