MOTÖRHEAD Wish You a Merry Hall of Fame Meme Christmas!

2019: A Spectacular Year for the Legendary Band + Band Fly the Flag for All Rockers in the 2020 Hall of Fame Nominations
2019 has been quite the year for MOTÖRHEAD.
Between their critically-acclaimed 1979 box-set (Rolling Stone magazine declared that it showed “how one year turned the band into Punk-Metal Gods.”) to their nomination for the 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the pioneering music and lifestyle MOTÖRHEAD first injected into the world back in 1975 is receiving worldwide acclaim once more from a whole new audience. And to make sure said-Motörculture receives its ultimate recognition – induction in to the 2020 Hall of Fame – MOTÖRHEAD will be making sure your holidays are full of loud (and cheeky!) reminders to do your bit and vote every day for the most consistently loud band in the world.
Via the band’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts, fans and folks in general will be implored, regaled and possibly even entertained as part of the mission to help bestow upon Lemmy and company their rightful place alongside The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles and other genuine pioneers. So remember, as you sit on your sofa, pinned by the glorious weight of too much holiday season imbibing, make sure you spend 60 seconds checking those Official Motörhead Facebook and Twitter accounts daily and follow the instructions!!!
Of course, aside from MOTÖRHEAD, the 2020 nominees include Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, MC5 and Soundgarden, all incredible bands and all worthy entries into the Hall of Fame. With any person allowed to vote once a day for up to five bands, MOTÖRHEAD figure it is VERY important that heavy music is represented properly by the Hall of Fame, and so Mikkey Dee shot a quick video one night to underscore the importance of supporting those respective nominees, as well as voting for MOTÖRHEAD. Remember, all for one and one for all!
RRHOF Message from Mikkey Dee