Motorhead : Bad Magic : SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC

Motorhead’s last studio album of original material, Bad Magic was released on Friday, August 28, 2015 through UDR.  The album Bad Magic was quickly regarded as one of the band’s best releases in years. It was Motorhead’s 23rd studio album.

Just four months later to the day on December 28, the magic that was Motorhead was to be no more. It was a bad day for the heavy metal world as founder, bassist and vocalist Lemmy Kilmister passed into another realm from Cancer. 

Bad Magic consisted of 13 tracks with crushing anthems such as “Thunder & Lightning” and “Teach Them How To Bleed.” Motorhead even delivered a respectful cover of “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones. 

Queen’s Brian May even makes an appearance on “The Devil.”

Not all music though, from the Bad Magic studio sessions was released.

Two tracks, “Bullet in Your Brain” and “Greedy Bastards” were to see the light of day seven years later. 

The two tracks have been already made available to the public for listening. “Bullet in Your Brain” was released in December and “Greedy Bastards” in mid January.

Bad Magic : SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC which is set for release in February through Silver Lining Music is a refresh of Bad Magic

The two tracks and an audio interview conducted with Kilmister during the tour have been included. The interview is titled “Love, War, Death and Injustice” and was conducted by Motorhead expert Robert Kiewik during the tour.

There’s also a fantastic version of David Bowie’s 1977 song “Heroes” giving the release three additional tracks. Originally the song was to be included on the Bad Magic release but was withdrawn at the last minute. It was a song that Kilmister was fond of. 

Motorhead’s set from the July 2015 Mt. Fuji Rock Festival is also part of the Bad Magic : SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC release. The festival preceded the release of Bad Magic and Phil Campbell speaks about the upcoming album prior to “Rock It.”

The blistering 14-song performance features classic set staples such as “Damage Case,” “Stay Clean,” “Metropolis,” “Ace of Spades” and “Overkill.”

Even though Kilmister would depart the world later in the year, the band delivered a raging set to the festival attendees. The energy poured out by Kilmister, Campbell and Mikkey Dee is evident. It’s Motorhead blasting and plowing through their allotted time on stage.

Bad Magic : SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC will be available in various formats such as a two CD disc set. The second disc is the Mt. Fuji Rock Festival set. Bad Magic : SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC will also be available in a two album black vinyl release. 

For the intense rabid Motorhead fan, there’s the Limited Edition Box Set. The set will include the double vinyl, the two disc set and the audio interview on vinyl. The truly special and unique piece of the set will be the exclusive Motorhead – Murder One ouija board and planchette. For that added Motorhead flavor to the ouija board, the planchette is in the shape of the Ace of Spades. A Motorhead ouija board wouldn’t be complete without one.

Bad Magic : SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC Limited Edition Box Set

Bad Magic : SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC releases on Friday, February 24, 2023 through Silver Lining Music but is available for preorders.