Moon Fever Send Out Soulful ‘Shaking Off The Evil’ For A Fevered World

Moon Fever have heard the cries of an anguished and chaotic world, and they are here to deliver a redemptive salve for what ails us in the fittingly titled “Shaking Off The Evil”, available now for pre-save and streaming worldwide on Friday, 7/31.  

Featuring a stomp and clap foundation smothered in Southern rock soul, the song delivers a musical reckoning right when people need it most. It’s a battle cry to the world-weary travelers who have seen more than their fair share of destruction, those who require salvation. The band understands that life isn’t about running away from the things that shape us, but embracing the person we became because of the struggles we endured.

Moon Fever wanted to deliver a great visual to accompany the song and overcame the isolation of a global pandemic to deliver what Substream Magazine is calling one of 2020’s best music videos thus far.  Shot in 2 different states and edited in a 3rd, ‘Shaking Off The Evil’ combines current imagery with old-school Pentecostal church snake handling for added effect.

Guitarist Mitch Micoley says: “Our producer Jim Kaufman set us up with a writing trip to Nashville where we wrote “Shaking Off The Evil” with Kris Bradley, Trick Savage, and Blue Foley. Trick brought out a flask of whiskey and some killer ideas; Kris brought a drum loop, and we based the original work tape off what came from that session. We threw around ideas until Blue came up with “I was born an unfortunate son,” and it just came pouring out from there.”

Micoley continues, “Once we got back to LA from the Nashville sessions, we cut the song with Jim. After that, we all got locked down from COVID 19, and our SXSW shows were canceled. So I went back to my family home in Wisconsin, and Cody headed back to Amarillo, TX. We wanted to do a music video – but being in different states, we had to get creative on putting it together. We had director Matt Akana help us – who we met after one of our first shows at the Whiskey A-Go-Go in LA. I (Mitch) shot my parts in an old church that they converted into the Nancy Byng Community Theater in Abrums, WI. Cody had his friend James Pompa shoot his performance at the Groom Cross outside of Amarillo in Groom, TX. Matt worked his magic and edited it all together in LA, and it looks killer! It’s a great time to release this song because we all need to shake some evil off”.

Lead Vocalist Cody Jasper adds: “Shaking Off The Evil’ is a song about persevering through all the rough times in life, and it comes from growing up in a tough way. I was in and out of juvenile detention as a kid, and I was always in trouble with the law. I was in touch too much with the evil things in this world. I had to literally “Shake Off The Evil.”

“Shaking Off The Evil’ is the 3rd single release for the band, and will be included on a forthcoming EP to be released later this year.  Debut single “Fever” marked one hell of a coming-out party, blasting through with a self-referential declaration that announced the band to the world at large. Follow up single “Casanova‘ furthered the band’s acclaim, spreading the gospel that band espouses and revels in the glory of a brand of rock and roll that is purely authentic and filled with kinetic energy.  They just keep moving forward, and will keep rocking until the wheels fall off.

The band is currently do a limited run of live shows in Texas, and hope to jump on a national tour as soon as safely possible.