MIND INCISION Releases Moving New Single, “The Awakening”!

Official Music Video for “The Awakening” to Release October 2023!


MIND INCISION has released their newest single, “The Awakening.” Continuing their socially responsible themes, “The Awakening” addresses the often ignored and misunderstood landscape of teen and adolescent mental health and suicide risk, and will be accompanied by a new music video set to release in October.

Produced by DAVE OTERO at FLATLINE AUDIO, “The Awakening” is a sonic journey into the depths of consciousness, exploring themes of self-discovery and transformation that are universal. MIND INCISION’s signature blend of intricate melodies, haunting vocals, and immersive production creates an emotional landscape that is both evocative and inspiring. This release reaffirms the band’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre and delivering music that resonates on a profound level.

“’The Awakening’ is written for the youth of the 21st century and also written for the prevention of teen suicide. It’s important for us to recognize that our children are living through an immense amount of pressure, bullying, and issues that they should never feel alone dealing with. It brings us a tremendous amount of pride to be able to bring these issues to light, with our new single, and follow it up with a video which touches on these subjects in the most real way possible. Furthermore, we would like to thank everyone that has been a part in the creation of this song, and it’s video, which we expect to release in the coming weeks.

They are NOT alone!” – Jason (Lead Vocals)

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The band has also announced the addition of bassist JOEL KARSCHNER, bringing a fresh wave of energy and talent to the group. Replacing the talented AEON CRUZ, who is pursuing her own new opportunities, KARSCHNER comes with an impressive musical background, having previously played with THE CRIMSON RED. The band’s decision to welcome KARSCHNER was driven by a shared musical vision and an undeniable chemistry that promises to elevate MIND INCISION’S music to new heights.

Joel is a great addition to our band! We have known each other for so many years now I was wondering if we would ever run into each other again in the industry. Traditionally, Joel has always played guitar but when we approached him with the idea of doing bass and backing vocals it seemed to spark his interest. We gave him a couple songs and he was really into it, so he came to rehearsal and solidified the deal.” – JASON

I’ve been out of the music game for a little while now, since TCR actually, but when Jason approached me after running into him at the Mudvayne, Coal Chamber show, I thought I’d give everything a listen and go from there. Once I heard the music and saw what Mind Incision was writing, I knew I wanted to be a part of what they were doing, and knowing I could lend another hand in writing amazing tunes with these guys, I was sure I’d be a good fit, and obviously they agreed!” – JOEL

It isn’t that there was any bad blood with our former bass player Aeon Cruz, we are all on good terms. But we thought it best to part ways as she seems to be excelling in entertainment through acting. We wish her all the best!” – JASON

Jason Neil – Lead Vocals
Jon Maggard – Lead Guitar
Kyle Loucks – rhythm Guitar
Joel Karschner – Bass
Kelly Morse – Drums

Constructed in the year of 2022, MIND INCISION was born of musicians with 20+ years of national entertainment industry experience, encompassing the newest of core sound into a classic nu-metal niche. The band is fronted by JASON NEIL, formerly of ARCANIUM, who had extensive touring experience with with BIG 4 named thrash masters MEGADETH, and bands such as BULLET FOR MY VALENTINEOTEP, and ILL NIÑO, to name a few. After releasing their debut video, “Aneurysm of a Narcissist,” in March of 2023, the band garnered a serious amount of attention across the globe from not only fans but from industry professionals alike, resulting in the band signing with Music Gallery International’s very own Shawn Barusch. As Mind Incision await their breakout tour in 2024 they continue to release singles and video including their second official music video Zero230 which focuses on bringing light to the PTSD issues faced by soldiers in the world today. The band just released their newest single “The Awakening,” out on all platforms NOW!

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