Midnight Murder Show, July 15, 2022 @ The Haltom Theater in Haltom City, TX

Midnight Murder Show vocalist Reverend Helz McFugly PHD. Photo by Brian McLean

The ideal time for Midnight Murder Show to begin their set is midnight which is the Witching Hour. That though wasn’t the case though for the five-piece, American witch metal band Saturday night at the Haltom Theater. The band’s set commenced at 11:00 PM sharp, CST, an hour shy unless located on the east coast.

The Dallas based band has been turning heads lately with their on stage, ritualistic festivities, and theatrical visuals. 

As for what makes up magical mixture of the Midnight Murder Show. It’s a combination of various elements.

The band is a collaboration of veteran Dallas Fort Worth musicians but with a pinch of something unique. Each member possesses a background in theatrical performance with prior or current bands. That’s the main ingredient woven throughout the band, theatrical artistic performance. DFW bands such as Rivethead, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, Trend Kill Clinic, The Razorblade Dolls and Murder 13 for reference.

Swirl these elements together with Industrial and Metal styles and the resulting musical brew is Midnight Murder Show show experience.

Upping their live, on stage game, the band has invested in additional production visuals. There’s multi color scorpion lasers, LED spots, scanners and helicopter lights.

Insanely bright multiple colored lights anchored on the stage and others create an insane tsunami of light.  Imagine a bag of Skittles in light form and too much of one flavor may become overbearing or tiresome. 

Mix in smoke machines for the stage level and geysers that spew brightly illuminated smoke high above. That’s a Midnight Murder Show production wise, from light to smoke.

Midnight Murder Show takes the stage at the historic Haltom Theater in Haltom City, Texas. Photo by Brian McLean

All these things enhance the Midnight Murder Show experience engaging the audience visually.

Sonically, that’s other side the cauldron for a Midnight Murder Show experience. The music, fusing the industrial and metal completes the witchery encounter.

With an industrial metal style that hints of computerized Sci Fi, the band launched into their opening number, “Holy War.” 

Quickly the band set the tone for the night with the double bass and heavy sound. Reverend Helz McFugly, the vocalist and his voice add that unique ingredient. “Holy War” as a set opener isn’t just a brief introduction, it’s a six minute indoctrination of what to expect. A set of originals with titles like “Hey God,” “Season and the Witch” and “My Pusher.” The last two closing out the band’s nine song set. 

Now Midnight Murder Show did reach back to the spring of 1984 for “Burn in Hell” from the Stay Hungry album. The cover has that Midnight Murder Show vibe and style to it. When compared to the original version, the band makes it their own. It’s not an odd addition to the repertoire. Midnight Murder Show does the song justice.

The recent addition of guitarist NovaCraig to the band’s ranks allows for more versatility between kreepshow13, the other guitarist. The two are able to feed off each other from opposing sides, elevating the band’s stage presence. 

Tucked between the two and right of McFugly resides bassist Rah Stitchez and her flowing bright green, spiral curl locks. Many times the sheer awe of her hair became lost in the over saturated sea of green light.

Each member holds their own rhythmically, whether vocally or musically. 

Sometimes the drummer, Rezin, would become lost visually with all that’s happening on the stage. His appearance may be obstructed visually from all the production but Rezin is there. His performance was solid from start to end.

In addition to band five-person roster, a Midnight Murder Show set includes two go-go dancers. The pair stands on opposites side moving along with the music. At times, the pair made their way to the front edge of the front.

The added production level to the Midnight Murder Show performance opens a new chapter for the band. Even though the band was playing locally Saturday night, their reach is more on a regional level. Beyond Texas and into the neighboring states is the short term goal for now. Next, set long term goals.

As a whole, Midnight Murder Show has the music, production and presence. A mental note needs to be made that the band is no longer flying under the radar. 

Midnight Murder Show has turned the page, they have arrived. American Witch Metal has never felt and sounded so good.